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How to manage attention

How to manage attention

Attention - this concentration, focus on any object or concept. Managing this process, the person is able to influence the behavior of people around them.

Learn this easy, you only need to know the techniques of management attention.



Admission accentuation of attention is useful in the case,when you need to pay attention to a business partner or a companion to important moments in the conversation. Accentuation there are direct and indirect. Direct - when there is a direct use of phrases such as "it is important to note," "I beg to draw your attention to", "it should be noted that" and so on. When indirect accentuation phrases are constructed so that the place to which you want to draw attention, stood in contrast and automatically attract attention.


Admission eye contact between the speakerman and those who are listening, allows to keep the interlocutor during the conversation and attracting his attention. When it comes to a large audience, you need to cut around her eyes, and, fixing his eyes several people alternately, carry on a conversation.


There is also a reception imposing rhythm. Human attention is constantly running away, and if it is not time to set up, does not translate to the desired subject, the desired call may fail. It is in this case acceptance rate and imposing applied. Change characteristics of speech and voice - saying it faster or slower, the quieter the louder, the patter, then slowly. Due to this, the caller will have to focus and hardly miss anything important.


Use the reception a "neutral phrase" -start a conversation with the phrase, which is not directly related to the subject of discussion, but it has to do with the other party. In this case, there is a vested interest.


Admission use pauses allows you to focus the conversation initiator and listener - to prepare for the perception. Pause allows you to attract the attention and stress the importance of the previous word.


Knowing how to manage care, a lot easier to communicate with children, to conduct business talk, make love, make deals. The more that you can learn these techniques very quickly.

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