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How to manage a profit

How to manage a profit

Financial literacy - the most important quality of an entrepreneur.

The ability to manage a profit ahead of the competition and will allow to cope with the crisis.

Saving and increase profits, you can enjoy your activities without worrying about credit and the search for investment.



As a rule, the highest incomes showyoung companies. They are ambitious, have a lot of ideas, a desire to prove their success rolls. At the same time the ability to invest profits in reliable financial instruments comes with experience. In any company must be a reserve fund, from which the money will be useful in order to stay afloat during the "lull", the lack of customers. It is advisable to cover the salary and rental fund for the period from 3 to 6 months.


Money in the bank is better protected than in a fireproofsafe company. Invisible Thief - inflation is hardly less dangerous than crackers with picks. For deposits with high interest rate and you can earn, albeit slightly.


Entrepreneurial business is inextricably linked torisk, so you want to find the most advantageous use of profits to make it work with dedication. For these purposes fit high-risk investments in the stock market, currency exchange. If you do not want to learn the intricacies of the stock investing yourself, you can transfer part of the profits to the trust brokers. When the amounts of one million rubles, your capital may be interested professionals from the banking sector. Profit at such major investments can reach 50-100 thousand. P. per month.


Investing profits as seed moneyYoung companies will allow you to eventually diversify its business. The number of start-ups, particularly in the field of information technology, is now only increasing. You can find the projects of young entrepreneurs in the association "Youth Business" or state funds support. More likely to be successful in the selection is not the best of ideas, but the best teams. It is advisable to share the risks with an experienced investor in half - so you get a potential business partner, and reduce costs.


During the crisis profitable to invest profitsdesheveyuschuyu property. In Europe, the most favorable price for the crisis in Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic a little. In the east, it may be noted Thailand. Purchase of apartments and offices will not only multiply the money in the future, but also to take the property immediately after purchase. It is also possible to carry part of the office (or the whole entire) abroad, to arrange a long holiday, and employees.

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