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Hypotrophy in children


Hypotrophy is a chronic eating disorder. The disease can arise from underfeeding, eating disorders, improper culinary processing of foods, introduction to the complementary menu, banned in any form. Also, the hypotrophy happens with the use of monotonous food.

With such a disease, the child is disruptedSubstances. The kid begins to lag behind in physical development, he grows thin, down to exhaustion. It is worth noting that the child's hypotrophy can be formed in utero due to various harmful factors. It can also occur in infancy as a result of malnutrition or previous illnesses.

Very much depends on nutrition. The lack of proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts or their incorrect ratio in the diet - all this can easily lead to hypotrophy. This disease leads to a decrease in appetite. It is because of this that the defenses of the body can decrease, and the baby starts to get sick all the time.

Treatment of hypotrophy consists in the correctFeeding the child. If the breast milk is not enough, it is best to introduce in the diet adapted mixtures or kefir. Cottage cheese has also been assigned since two months and meat from five months. To increase appetite in a child, you can reduce the amount of servings, while increasing the number of feedings.

The most important thing - you can not feed your baby violently, you need food to have a pleasant smell, look and taste.

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