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How to make the right entry in the workbook

How to make the right entry in the workbook

Employment history ? this part? clothes ?, on which greeted.

In addressing the employment problems of its proper clearance? additional plus when choosing a candidate for the position.

Therefore it is impossible to overstate the importance of this document and the need to do everything correctly.



General rules of entry into the labor book following :? Recording is done in the state language of the Russian Federation, ie in Russian. In that case, if the enterprise is located in the territory of one of the republics, which has its own national language, it is permitted to take notes in two languages ​​(Russian and national).
? To write you must use the fountain, gel or ballpoint pen ink black, blue or purple in color, resistant to light and water.
? Make changes allowed strikethroughOnly on the page? information about the employee ?. If you change the names, educational qualifications or an old record with a line through one line, the new recorded. Link to document (base changes) is on the inside of the cover, shall be signed and stamped. In other sections strikethrough false records of employment record is prohibited.
? When making recordings of words can not be used abbreviations, all the words are written in full (not pr., And not prikaz- TC, and the Labour Code, etc.).
? Care must be sequentially numbered entries in sections in Arabic numerals.


Features of filling labor book sections.
Section? Information about the employee? filled by direct answers. All basic data are taken from the presented document (passport).
Born as the date of filling, spelled out (for example, July 20, 2010) - signature of the employee who filled the labor bookMust be legible (better to just write his name).
Line? Education? filled on the basis of the document on education. It may be:
? Basic general ?,? Average? (school)-
? Initial professional? (School) -
?secondary vocational? (College) -
?incomplete higher? (At least 3 courses)
? Higher? (University) and others.
Line? Profession, specialty? filled only when there is a document confirming the receipt of the special. For example, it is written? Machinist generalist? on the basis of a certificate of graduation, or? engineer? mechanic? on the basis of the diploma.


Section? Information about the work? It begins with filling complete (and briefly, if available) name of the organization. The name must fully comply with the constituent dokumentam.V next row is a record of Recruit. We pose the serial number, the date in Arabic numerals in the dd.mm.yyyy format, record of admission and the base (order, instruction). Text entries must contain full details: what position adopted employee assigned to skill level and, if necessary, in which unit the employee is accepted. In the future, all changes employee's activities are recorded in the labor book. This transfer it to another job or to anotherunit (especially when it is located in another location), improving the discharge, rename the post and so on. Each entry must begin with the serial number at the base is required to specify the administrative document (order or decree). Text entries must conform to this document.
If you make a mistake in recording, it does notcrossed out, not erased, but canceled the next. We pose the next sequence number, date, text. Example soderzhaniya.Pri his dismissal of the employee it is necessary to provide a link to an article, paragraph, paragraph TC RF (? Fired on paragraph __ of Article ___ of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation?) And indicate the reason. Upon completion, familiarize the employee with all the records by hand (in the last row is a record? Familiar ?, signature and full employee signature).


Similarly, the section is filled?Information about promotions ?. be sure to fill out column? Base When making an entry? - Order or instruction, on the basis of which the employee is encouraged. Text entries must comply with the text of the order.

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