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How to make the right curls


How to make the right curls</a>

What is the secret of elastic and beautiful curls that look so romantic and please you and others all day long?

You can achieve this result yourself, without visiting the salon and professional hairdressers, however, there are several points that you need to know before stowing.



First, let's start with hair preparation. Namely - with their washing. Shortly before packing, the hair should be washed with a moisturizing shampoo, and then treated with a moisturizing conditioner that will help them stay elastic and not lose shape. The dried hair begins to crumble, and the curls seem to crumble. By the way, rinse hair better with cool water - so you will close pores and scales.


Dry hair with a soft towel, and then leave it on for 10-15 minutes to dry yourself - the best result you will achieve on slightly damp hair.


Which styling is bestUse to create curls and curls? It is better to give up the use of foams and mousses - and give preference to light sprays without gluing effect. Apply it to slightly damp hair, and then gently comb them, evenly distributing the product. Divide the hair into strands and proceed to the next step - winding.


If you use hair curlers, it's not worth itTo tighten hair too strongly - it can negatively be reflected in their status. And especially it is not necessary to tighten the hair at the roots very much, it is a direct way to their loss. Fans of a special spiral curling hair curler should be more careful with the temperature. The most common mistake is choosing too hot temperature, but the quality of fixation does not depend on it - on the contrary, the burnt hair will crumble and keep the shape much worse due to loss of moisture.


After waving the hair should be carefully dividedOn curls, best of all with your fingers - there's hardly even a comb with wide teeth. Gently sprinkle the hair with a fixing light lacquer and, if desired, decorate the hairpins. Magnificent Curls ready!

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