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Making Presentations

How to make presentations

Computer presentations are widely used in the field of education at all stages of the educational process during the various recreational activities, quizzes and discussions.

They also successfully used during meetings and reports, and as demonstration material to create video tutorials.

Making the presentation is not so difficult. But before that we will need to prepare a base material for its creation: photos, diagrams, charts, tables, images, text, and if you need music files. Also, you may need screens with windows operating programs, documents and websites. Pobespokoytes about them in advance for the convenience of work spread all folders and only after everything is ready, proceed to the creation of presentations.

Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations

Despite the large number of programsdesigned for presentations, the most popular continues to enjoy the application, which is part of Microsoft Office, - Microsoft PowerPoint. It has many advantages, among which the first place is occupied by the simplicity and functionality. In the program there are also tips and user-friendly interface.
To proceed with the presentation of the production,right-click on the desktop, or empty space in one of your folders and select "New" and then press the «Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation" in the drop down box. Then open the document and at the end of the toolbar on the right, click "New Slide" to add a sufficient number of pages of the project (they can be created as needed). Here, using the layout view, select the layout and content of the text on the page.
In the designer, select the page design,adjust the color scheme and animation effects. Then proceed with filling the pages. By clicking on the selected area and one of the icons, add text, pictures, diagrams, video clips, graphics.
On top of the work pane, select the necessaryyour menu bar "Insert", "Edit", "Format", "Service", "Slide Show" - and produce the necessary actions and operations. Do not forget to periodically save the document, so that in case of incorrect or accidental actions of the computer not to lose its failure. After you finish a presentation, click "Slide Show", located in the lower right corner and view the finished document. If necessary, make the changes and save the file.

ProShow Producer

ProShow Producer - another useful programto create presentations. Run the application. Add a photo project, styles, effects that can be applied to single or all files at once. You can also add any number of layers on the main image, inscriptions, and musical accompaniment. The program is quite convenient and easy to use, and built with the help of presentations are bright and spectacular.

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