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MAKEUP Madonna

Makeup Madonna

Makeup popular Madonna is unique, it reflects the fashion trends and general tendencies.

Her style in itself combines several styles (vamp, romantic image, country).

It should be noted that her makeup is simple and feasible in the home. First of all, to create such a style is required to prepare the face for makeup.

The first stage - drawing eyelashes and eyebrows. Eyebrows need to carefully comb a special brush, and then hold a pencil dashed movements ashen hue. On the upper eyelid applied or pearl beige shade (preferably liquid), then it is necessary to shade them on the surface of the brow.

Saturated shades shadows need applybrush directly on the crease and eyelid. The result should be a very delicate shade with spectacular blur. The lower eyelid is made strictly on the perimeter trim century movements of the same shade of shadows. Pencil century applied deep, but thin line. Of course, a clear outline of the first time can not get out, so it is advisable to repeat the drawing two or three times.

Followed by spin eyelashes and apply mascararich brown hue. Particular attention should be paid to the method of applying mascara for volume. Eyelashes stained from root to tip. Decorated lower lashes give the look and appeal of the appeal.

On the surface of the face is applied to a special liquidbase that allows you to hide facial imperfections and various defects, under-eye puffiness. After that, the area of ​​the cheeks in a circular motion applied shimmering blush. To give a natural expedient to use a matte powder with the effect of light reflection.

The final step in creating a style of Madonna willlips, on which several layers applied with a brush pink lipstick with a coral shade. To give the image of sexuality, you can add a bit of shine that will make lips more luscious.

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