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How to make your server in CS


How to make your server in CS

Counter-Strike - one of the most popular first-person shooters, which ever hit the shelves of stores.

Creating your own server is the next step on the way from a regular gamer to a professional player in CS.

And for some, your own server is an additional source of income.

You will need

  • access to the Internet
  • Two computers



First, decide where you plan toInstall your future server. It can be your stationary computer, your own "server cabinet" or a certain site on the Internet. It should be noted immediately that the installation Server On a home PC is not very suitable for profit. This option is worth considering if you need a game server for amateur games. Download the game itself and a ready server for it. Extract the archive Server In the folder with the installed game Counter-Strike.

How to make your server in CS


Locate the users.ini file in the configs folder. Write the following commands in it: "NICK" "PASSWORD". NICK is your nickname, PASSWORD is the password for using nickname. To obtain administrator rights, open the console in the game and enter in it: setinfo "_pw" "PASSWORD" - name "NICK".


Ideally, the server should be located on theA separate computer. Those. If you have at least two PCs, then on one of them install and configure the server, and play from the second. To quickly configure the server, it is recommended to download ready-made files with the extension. Cfg and .ini, as well as resort to using all sorts of ready-made mods and plug-ins.

How to make your server in CS

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