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How to make your photo unusual


How to make your photo unusual</a>

Surely you have repeatedly puzzled over howCreate a fundamentally new and original look of your photos, how to bestow them with unusual visual effects and how to make photos even more unusual. Create vivid and modern effects in photography you can with Adobe Photoshop.

Consider the order of creating the effect of light bands, which will make your photo more dynamic and lively.



Open the Photo In Photoshop. Then create a new document to use it as a background. Insert the desired texture on the background, and then change the fill to 79%. Now, using any selection tool (Lasso Tool, Pen and others), cut out the shape of the person from the photo and copy it to a new layer.


Using a soft brush with a diameter of 200 pixelsAdd a shadow to the cut shape, and then apply a Gaussian Blur filter with a radius of 30 pixels to the shadow. Delete superfluous fragments with a soft eraser. Using decorative textural brushes, additionally process the background, giving it an interesting texture.


Find on the Internet appropriate in shape and sizeAn abstract 3D model - this can be a modern figure in the style of high-tech with visible and dynamic contour lines. Desaturate the model by pressing Ctrl + Shift + U, and then use the Free Transform tool to position the model so that it successfully merges with the person's figure on your background.


Erase excess parts of the model, and thenDuplicate its layer. On the created layer, turn the abstract model to create an even more dynamic effect. Now go directly to creating the light lines themselves - use the pen tool to do this.


Create a new layer and select the brush tool. Brush with a stiffness of 0% and with a size of 7 pixels, selecting the pen tool, apply the silhouette of the light spot, combining your lines with the silhouette of the abstract model. Right-click on the path and select the Stroke Path option by checking the Simulate Pressure option. In the layer blending mode, set the Linear Dodge to red.


Then select the Inner Shadow tab and do not changeRed, select the Multiply blending mode. In the Outer Glow tab, set the fill gradient from red to transparent, and set the blending mode to Linear Dodge.


In the Inner Glow tab, replace the blending modeOn Color Dodge. Duplicate the layer and apply the Gaussian Blur filter to it. Create a new layer group and place the created layers in it, and then change the layering settings of the layers in the group to Linear Dodge.


Additionally, edit Photo, Adding at will new effects, for example, new light strips of a different color.

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