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How to make your phone louder


How to make your phone louder</a>

The dynamics of cell phones are adapted to the firstTurn in order to use them during a call. Of course, there are special models of phones designed for listening to music - in this case they have an amplified speaker, or an additional speaker.

In all other cases, the volume of music sometimes leaves much to be desired.



In order to make your phone louder, you canUse several options. For example, Motorola phones support a manual change in the power of the speaker. To do this, you need to use the P2K Tools program. With this program you can both synchronize the phone with the computer, and increase the power of the voltage supplied to the speaker, thereby increasing the sound.


In all other cases you can increaseThe sound of the signal, increasing the volume of its sound, as well as the frequencies in which it is reproduced. Use any audio editor. Load the track you want to use as a ringtone for the phone, then use the "normalization" effect to increase its volume to the desired limit.


To maximize the volume, you need toUse a graphic equalizer that you can find in the same audio file editor. Increase the sound of high frequencies and reduce the value of the lower ones. This is necessary to make the sound cleaner, because the cell phone is not designed to play low frequencies at maximum volume, it is best to hear the high and medium frequencies.

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