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How to make your phone louder

How to make your phone louder

Cell phone speakers are fitted in the firstall in order to use them during a call. Of course, there are specific phone models are designed for listening to music - in this case, they have amplified speaker or an additional speaker.

In all other cases, the volume of the music sometimes leaves much to be desired.



To make your phone louder possibleuse a number of options. For example, Motorola phones support firm manual change power dynamics. To do this, use P2K Tools program. With this program you can synchronize your phone with your computer, and increase the power voltage supplied to the speaker, thereby increasing the sound.


In all other cases, you can increasethe sound signal by increasing the volume of its sound and the frequency in which it is played. Use any audio editor. Download the track that you want to use as a ringtone for your phone, then use the "normalization" of the effect will increase its volume to the desired limit.


To gain the maximum volume you needuse a graphic equalizer which you can find in the same audio file editor. Increase the treble and reduce the amount of the lower. This must be done to make the sound clearer, because the cell phone is not designed to play the bass at maximum volume, it is best to sound exactly the high and mid frequencies.

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