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How to make your own PCB at home

How to make your own printed circuit board house

Sometimes it is necessary to make small simple circuit boards.

To order their production in the company long and costly, it is possible to produce them yourself.

Thus, the PCB manufacturing process at home through the steps.

Consider the PCB fabrication processhome concrete example. For example, the two boards to be produced. One - an adapter from one type of body to another. The second - the replacement of a large chip BGA package with two smaller housings with TO-252, with three resistors. Dress size 10 × 10 and 15 × 15 mm. There are 2 options in the manufacture of printed circuit boards home: using a photoresist and by the "laser iron." We use the method of "laser iron."

The process of making a home PCB

1. Prepare a draft of the PCB. I use a program DipTrace: convenient, fast, high quality. Designed by our compatriots. Very easy to use and nice user interface, as opposed to the generally accepted PCAD. Any conversion into PCAD PCB format. Although many domestic firms have already begun to take DipTrace format.

In DipTrace have the opportunity to see the future of their creation in the volume, which is very convenient and visually. That's what should happen to me (card shown in different scales):

3D model of the future board

2. First, mark up the PCB, Scrollsaw blank PCB.

Mark up the workpiece

Scrollsaw blank

3. We withdraw our project on a laser printer in the form of the reflected mirror as much as possible without skimping on toner. thick matte photo paper for printers - Through much experimentation the best paper for this was chosen.

The tracks of the future board

4. Do not forget to clean and degrease the blank board. If there is a degreaser, you can walk through the copper fiberglass eraser. Next, using an ordinary iron, "welds" the toner to the paper to the next PCB. I hold for 3-4 minutes under a slight pressure, to light yellowing paper. Heat put the maximum. Top put another sheet of paper for a more uniform heating, otherwise the image can "swim". The important point here - the uniformity of heating and pressing.

5. Then, letting cool slightly board, put preform with paper adhered thereto in water, preferably hot. Photographic quickly gets wet, and after a minute or two, you can carefully remove the top layer.

In places where a large concentration of our future wirings, Paper sticks to the board is particularly strong. It is not touch.

6. Give the board a couple of minutes to soak. Remains carefully remove the paper by using an eraser or finger friction.

7. Take out the blank. Dried. If somewhere in the track was not very clear, you can make them brighter thin marker for CD. Though it is better to make sure that all the tracks out equally clear and bright. It depends on 1) the adequacy and uniformity of warm billet iron, 2) accuracy when removing the paper, 3) the quality of the surface of the PCB, and 4) the successful selection of paper. On the last point, you can experiment to find the most suitable option.

8. We place the resulting workpiece printed with her future tracks-conductors in the ferric chloride solution. Herbs 1.5 hours or 2. While waiting, we shall cover our "tray" cover: the evaporation quite corrosive and toxic.

9. We reach from the solution are willing to pay, wash, dry them. The toner from a laser printer with a remarkable washed off the board with acetone. As you can see, even the finest conductors of 0.2 mm out quite well. There are very few.

10. Ludim made by "laser iron" PCBs. Wash off with gasoline or alcohol flux residues.

11. It remains only to cut it out of our board and mount radioactive elements!


At a certain skill method "laser iron"suitable for the manufacture of simple PCBs at home. It clearly gets the short wires of 0.2 mm and wider. Thicker wires are obtained very good. Time to prepare, experiment with the selection of the type of paper and iron temperature, pickling and tinning takes about 3-5 hours. But it is much faster than if the payment order to the company. Cash costs are also minimal. In general, for the simple amateur draft budget is the recommended method to use.

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