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How to make a lily of silk yourself


How to make a lily of silk yourself</a>

A lily made of silk is a beautiful decoration for a hairstyle or outfit for a special occasion.

It can be very similar to a real flower or a fantasy, unusual color and shape.

Prepare everything you need to make an artificial flower made of silk. You will need:

- a piece of silk of monochromatic color-
- silk or satin ribbon of a green hue-
- a small piece of velvet-
- scissors-
- 2 pieces of copper wire (larger and smaller diameter) -
- cutting pliers-
- glue-
- glue gun-
- 3 tablespoons Gelatin-
- 1 tbsp. water-
- acrylic paints-
- Brush.

Material preparation

For making lilies, take natural or artificial silk. To keep the flower in shape, the fabric needs to be secured with gelatin.

3 tablespoons gelatin soak in a glassCold boiled water for about an hour. During this time gelatin should swell. Heat the solution to a boil, but do not boil. Gelatine must completely dissolve without lumps.

Dip the material into the resulting solution,So that it completely covers the silk. Remove the cloth, spread out and remove excess gelatin. Hang the scrap in a straightened form and let it dry completely.

How to make petals, pistil and stamens of lily

Make a pattern of lily petals. It should have an elongated shape. Cut out 6 identical parts.

To make the lily more realistic, tint petals. Consider a living flower or a photograph of it. Brush with the necessary shades of special acrylic paints to work on the fabric.

Make a pestle. Prepare a strip of silk about 1 - 2 cm wide. Cut a piece of copper wire about 5 cm long with wire cutters. Wind the wire with silk, fix the tip with hot glue using a special glue gun.

For the stamens, cut several pieces of wire of smaller diameter. To each edge of each of them glue a small piece of velvet. After the glue dries, bend this part at a right angle.

In shops for needlework, you can buy ready-made stamens and pistils for making silk lilies.

How to collect flower details

Collect the lily. Take the pestle, around it, place the stamens. Wrap them with wire. Around the middle, place the petals and make several turns of wire in the bottom of the flower. Secure everything with hot glue.

Spread the petals, giving the lily the desiredShape. Insert in the bottom of the flower a piece of thick wire that will serve as a stem. Wrap it and sepal with a silk or satin ribbon of green color. Cloth attach a few drops of glue.

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