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How to make your own lily of silk

How to make your own lily of silk

Lily made of silk - it is a beautiful decoration for the hairstyle or outfit for a special occasion.

It can be very similar to a real flower or fancy, unusual colors and shapes.

Prepare everything needed for the manufacture of artificial flowers made of silk. You will need:

- A piece of silk are solid colors-
- Silk or satin ribbon green ottenka-
- A small piece of barhata-
- nozhnitsy-
- 2 pieces of copper wire (larger and smaller) -
- kusachki-
- Klein
- Adhesive pistolet-
- 3 tbsp zhelatina-
- 1 tbsp. water-
- acrylic paints-
- The brush.

Preparation of the material

For making a lily take natural or artificial silk. To hold a flower shape, the fabric needs to be fixed with the help of gelatin.

3 tablespoons gelatin soak in a glasscold boiled water for about an hour. During this time, the gelatin should swell. The solution was heat to a boil, but do not boil. Gelatin must be completely dissolved without lumps.

Lower material in the resulting solution soso that it is completely covered with silk. Remove the cloth, flatten and remove excess gelatin. Hang shred in the expanded form and allow it to dry completely.

How to make the petals, pistil and stamens of a lily

Make a pattern petal lily. He should have elongated shape. Carve out 6 equal parts.

To Lily was realistic, tint petals. Consider a living flower or a picture. Brush apply the necessary shades of special acrylic paints for use on fabric.

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Make pestle. Prepare a strip of silk width of about 1-2 cm. Wire cutters cut a piece of copper wire length of about 5 cm. Wind the wire in silk, fix the tip of hot glue using the special glue gun.

For stamens cut a few pieces of smaller diameter wire. To one end of each stick a small piece of velvet. Once the glue is dry, peel back this part of the right angle.

In shops for crafts can be purchased ready stamens and pistils for the manufacture of silk lilies.

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How to assemble parts of a flower

Collect lily. Take the pestle around the position of stamens. Wrap them with wire. Around the midway position petals and make a few turns of wire on the bottom of the flower. Secure all hot glue.

Spread the petals, giving the desired lilyshape. Insert the lower part of the flower piece of thick wire, which will serve as a stem. Wrap it and sepal silk or satin ribbon green. Fabric fix a few drops of glue.

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