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How to make your own hands travyanchika

How to make your own hands travyanchika

Travyanchik - this cute cute toy,able to decorate and liven up the interior of the apartment, and in the summer cottage. Travyanchika can make any shape and size - in the form of figures of animals, gnomes, various fairy-tale characters, etc.

Toy This "live" as filled with nutritious soil and seed grass. With regular watering in travyanchika start to grow herbal hair color or hair on the back.

Children love to take care of travyanchikom and watch the grass growing process, which can be trimmed, and even do "hairstyle" from it.

You will need:
- Old chulok-
- Seeds: travy-
- Nourishing soil: land that can be mixed with sawdust or peskom-
- Decorative elements for decoration - the eye, rot- can use buttons, as well as any material that tells fantaziya-
- Waterproof adhesive, waterproof paint, scissors, thread, thin silicone gum.
1. To begin with - the easiest method of making travyanchika. We need to take the stocking and cut him a piece of a length of about 25 cm One end of the tie on the unit and turn in -. This is the top of the head travyanchika. Next, the resulting pouch is necessary to fill the seeds of grass - about 2 tablespoons: the seeds will be greater, the more intensive the process of "greening" of the toy. Top covered with soil and compacted, so that the toy gradually took shape of a ball. It is necessary to ensure that the seeds were at the bottom of the bag, that is, "on the head." Now you need to pull the edges of the stocking and tie a knot and slightly push it inward disguise. Turn the ball "head" up. It - blank travyanchika.
2. Getting decoration. Here - space of imagination and creativity. You can just stick waterproof glue the eyes, nose, mouth, all kinds of accessories such as handbags, umbrellas, hats, etc. A more sophisticated version - make the nose and ears directly from the very "body" travyanchika: in place of the alleged need to face the fingers of one hand to capture a small portion of a stocking with the ground, form a ball and the other hand to wrap the base of the ball string or silicone rubber. By the same principle of pulling parts billet toys can do legs, muzzles, tails, etc. etc., but it is "aerobatics". By adding the seeds to one or another part of the body can be achieved vegetation in the right places. You can also paint travyanchika waterproof paints.
3. If travyanchik will "live" in an apartment or in a house, then it should be put into some kind of container - plates, saucers, etc. and put on the window sill for access to sunlight. In my cottage house toy can be placed directly on the ground, on a bed, in a flowerpot - which tells a fantasy. You can make a whole company of funny creatures with green hair! Watering travyanchika should be every day, especially in hot weather, and it will be a long time to please you and your children view their fun.

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