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How to make a herb with your own hands


How to make a herb with your own hands</a>

Grasshopper is a nice cute toy,Able to decorate and revitalize the interior both in the apartment and in the suburban area. Grass can be made of any shape and size - in the form of animal figures, dwarfs, various fairy-tale characters, etc.

This toy is "alive", as it is filled with nutrient ground and seeds of lawn grass. With regular watering the herb will begin to grow herbal hair on her head or wool on her back.

Children are very fond of taking care of the grass and watching the process of growing the grass, which can be cut and even make of it a "hairstyle."

It will take:
- old stocking-
- Seeds of lawn grass-
- Nutritional soil: land that can be mixed with wood sawdust or sand-
- decorative elements for decoration - eyes, mouth, you can use buttons, as well as any materials that will prompt fantasy-
- waterproof glue, waterproof paints, scissors, threads, thin silicone rubber bands.
1. For starters, the easiest way to make herbs. It is necessary to take a stocking and cut off from it a piece about 25 cm long. Tie one end to a knot and turn it inside - it will be the upper part, the head of the grass. Further in the received bag it is necessary to fall asleep seeds of a lawn grass - approximately 2 table spoons: than seeds will be more, the process of "gardening" of a toy is more intensive. From above, the earth is filled and tamped, so that the toy gradually takes the form of a ball. We need to ensure that the seeds are left at the bottom of the bag, that is, "on the head." Now the edges of the stocking need to be pulled off and also tied to the knot, slightly press it inward, disguise it. Turn the ball upside down. This is the preparation of the herb.
2. We begin to decorate. Here - a space of imagination and creativity. You can simply glue with waterproof glue your eyes, nose, mouth, all kinds of accessories such as handbags, umbrellas, hats, etc. A more complicated variant is to make the nose and ears directly from the very body of the herb: you need to grasp a small section of the stocking with the fingers of one hand together with the soil, form a ball, and with the other hand wind the base of this ball with a thread or a silicone rubber band. By the same principle of tugging individual parts of the workpiece of the toy, you can make paws, muzzles, tails, etc. Etc., but this is already "aerobatics". Adding seeds to this or that part of the body, you can achieve vegetation in the right places. You can also color the herb with water-resistant paints.
3. If the herb will "live" in an apartment or in a house, then it should be placed in some kind of container - a plate, a saucer, etc. And put on a window sill to access sunlight. In the villa area, the toy can be placed directly on the ground, on a flower bed, in a flowerpot - where fantasy will tell. You can make a whole company of funny creatures with green hair! Watering the herb should be every day, especially in hot weather, and it will please you and your children for a long time with its cheerful air.

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