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How to make your own hands Topiary

How to make your own hands Topiary

Topiary in horticulture - is skillfully trimmed tree crown in the form of a sphere or other geometric or fancy figure.

Because they moved into the garden design interiorshomes and began their original decoration. Decorative topiary can be made from almost anything: natural and artificial flowers, sprigs of boxwood, ribbons, paper, lollipop, candy wrappers, and so on.

It is believed that Topiary, made with his own hands, bring the house good luck, good mood, and even money.

You will need

  • - Styrofoam-
  • - Wooden sticks shashlykov-
  • - Klein
  • - gorshok-
  • - Decorative stones or moh-
  • - Satin ribbons, coffee beans, fruits, sweets.



From foam cut to the workpiece for Topiarya ball. Also on offer can be found ready-made topiary balls made of polystyrene. As a replacement, you can make a ball of cork, and for living plants - from floral sponge.


Prepare the container, which will "grow"tree. It may be an ordinary flower pot, a bucket, a beautiful cup, decanter or jar with candy, that is any container in which Topiary will look organically.


Capacity filled with something heavy, such asstones. You can use the expanded clay. If the pot is too light, reinforce the foundation with the help of plaster. Dilute it to a state of sour cream and pour into the pot. Insert the trunk of a tree and leave, until the plaster hardens completely.


Now for the creation of crowns. To do it from fresh flowers and branches, cut off the stems. After you insert them into a ball, its surface must remain only a bud and leaves. Insert the flowers in moist floral sponge tightly to each other.


For coffee tree on the ball of foam glue coffee beans using hot glue. Arrange them in a chaotic manner.


To make a fruit or candy topiary, insert in each fruit (or candy) on a toothpick. Then slide them into the blank for the crown.


A wonderful gift for a sweet tooth - Topiaryof lollipop. From the wrap or corrugated paper cut into squares of equal size. Wrap them lollipop. Insert lollipops basis of foam. Add artificial flowers, hearts or small soft toys.


Very pretty Topiary of satin ribbons. Cut them into pieces of equal length and twist, to get the buds. Secure them down a few stitches using a needle and thread. Flowers stick to the bowl, placing them as close as possible to each other. Look beautiful Topiary made of ribbons of the same color, but different shades.


The prepared crown insert the wooden skewersBarbecue. Instead, you can use a pencil or a normal branch. Insert the structure into a container with stones. If you have fixed a stick in a pot with plaster, then put the ball on it.


Wand wrap ribbon or thick yarn suitable shade. In the middle of the trunk tie a beautiful bow. The surface of the pot zadekoriruyte moss, decorative glass stones.

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