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How to make your own hands smokehouse

How to make your own hands smokehouse

Country house or cottage can be an excellentplace for everything homemade smokehouse, the more so because this is not so difficult. Operation of this device will not require you costly and smoked poultry, lard, fish and meat are guaranteed to you as soon as possible, with the best quality.

So, it is time for making smokehouse own hands.

You will need

  • - bochka-
  • - Metal prutya-
  • - Pipe or propeller
  • - Chips or opilki-
  • - blowtorch-
  • - vedro-
  • - metal grid.



It is easy to do with his own hands from the smokehouseold barrels. If you decide to use this metal barrel, then burn her at the stake. If the wooden barrel - thoroughly wash it and dry. Drill a few holes on the side barrels for metal sticks, which will continue to be suspended for smoking products.


you will also need to manufacture smokehouseso-called glass to be inserted into the hole at the bottom of the barrel. It can be made from a tube with a diameter of five to six centimeters or universal joint, a sealed one end. The thickness of the glass should be no more than three millimeters, and the length - four to five centimeters. It remains only to pour on the bottom of the glass splinters and chips of alder wood and heated with a blowtorch on the bars to hang the fish or meat for smoking.


Average metal bucket can be adaptedfor the manufacture of the smokehouse. Take a bucket with a lid and insert the prepared grid of steel wire with a diameter of three to four millimeters. Mesh size Adjust the size of the bucket, one mesh must be installed at a distance of ten centimeters from the top of the bucket, the second - five centimeters above.


Sprinkle the bottom of the bucket alder sawdust, shavingsor a chopped fiber sticks to two centimeters. On the grid lay the fish or meat, cover the bucket and put on fire. The more light, the faster chips will smolder for smoking, will be a characteristic fragrant smoke. Do not open the lid during smoking. At the end of the bucket remove from heat and allow to cool down when the smokehouse. Then remove the fish or meat and ventilate for fifteen minutes, now the products are ready for use.

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