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How to make your own hands sawmill

How to make your own hands sawmill

Among the people is very popular homemade sawmill.

Such popularity is achieved mainly due to the ease of manufacture.

Collect homemade sawmill often in a hurry, while using low-quality metal.



On the guide bar attached a special frame,which is made of metal. Board thickness is determined by the gap between the frame and the tire. Homemade sawmill is not more than three months, because used cheap materials. They begin to fail.


The basis of the sawmill take the rails out of the corner, the lengthwhich is 50 millimeters. Install it face up. Much attention is given to the wheels. They should not wear on corner. Most often, the installation is performed by an edge angle upward. In this case, the wheels are not erased. As the "sleeper" use profiled tube size 25x25 millimeters. Between the profile tube is welded poldyuymovuyu pipe, which must be in the form of timber fasteners nails. Clamps should be free to move and bend over. wood clamp to act after struck by a hammer on the mount. Clip samozaklinivaetsya.


Profiled tubes are used as rails. On the ledges placed adjusting bolts, which are size M14h100 millimeters. On the profile tubes are installed "bridges". That they will be stacked logs. The last two "bridge" are located at a distance of 50 centimeters. It is necessary for tog, make it convenient to place a short piece.


The original pulleys have a diameter of 30-32centimeters. Made of stitching on a lathe. I put on the belt after the operation should act on a couple of centimeters. pulley housings are welded to the tubes. The design should be free to move on the horizontal rail made of poldyuymovoy pipe. It can be fixed with bolts. Right pulley must be tensioned automatically. To do this, install a spring of the shock absorber. Left the pulley must be fixed. However, it can be moved when changing the size of the band saw. The pulleys are installed in parallel. However, in order to not flew tape, they run obliquely to 3 degrees.

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