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How to make your own hands hedgehog travyanchika

How to make your own hands hedgehog travyanchika

Travyanchiki - fun crafts designed for the germination of grass in them.

If you Construct this amusing hedgehog, children will be able to observe the process of plant growth, and pets eat fresh grass and train your claws.

You will need

  • - Nylon nosok-
  • - Sawdust for home gryzunov-
  • - Grass seed for kotov-
  • - Plastic LEO
  • - Beads for eye-
  • - nitki-
  • - bumaga-
  • - scissors
  • - elastic.



Put a sock in a plastic nose (it can be taken from an old toy). On the wrong side of the pin and fasten thread tie a knot. Sock turn out.


Sawdust carefully pour into a bowl and add a little water. Fill a sock with wet sawdust. Tie his band. Form-bumps legs tied up their threads.


Remove the gum. Grass seeds spread evenly on a strip of paper. Carefully place them in a sock on the paper, and then pull out the sheet. Tie the sock thread, cut the excess with scissors. Sew hedgehog beady eyes.


Pour into a bowl warm water and dip backtoy for one hour. Then put travyanchika on a tray or plate in a well-hallowed place. Pour in a day, adding water to the bowl. Already in the 3-4 days will give you a first hedgehog "needles."

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