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How to make your own hands handbag Omiyage

How to make your own hands handbag Omiyage

Omiyage Handbag came to us from Japan.

Outwardly, it looks like a bag. Often it is used as packaging for a gift, but also it can be used as a normal handbag.

Let Omiyage sew their own hands.

You will need

  • - Cloth sumki-
  • - Cloth podkladki-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - igolka-
  • - nitki-
  • - bulavki-
  • - vykroyka-
  • - marker
  • - sewing machine.



First and foremost, of course, necessary to make the pattern for future handbags. First, make a pattern Omiyage sides. They usually need two.


Then do last a pattern that we need to Omiyage bottom. size patterns will depend on how big you want to sew a handbag.


Once you have decided on the size ofpatterns, you need to transfer them to the prepared tissue. Cutting out scraps for the bag, do not forget about the allowances to the seam, ie leave another 1-2 more centimeters.


You should now sweep the edge via a handbagpins. To begin this procedure you need to handle and finish the bottom. Just before you start smetyvaniyu parts, you must turn the sides of the product inside.


We sew our product on the sewing machine. Then do the lining and sew it. Omiyage Handbag ready! Decorate it as you like, even with the help of embroidery, beading though. In other words, everything depends on your imagination, and more!

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