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HOW to make their own hands a carnival mask

How to make your own hands carnival mask

There was a hot summer time fun beachparties in all possible and impossible styles. Latin, Cuban, Hawaiian, Spanish, and other parties imply, if not adherence to a specific dress code, the presence of a carnival mask precisely.

However, find in specialized stores does not always work.

Well, there is nothing easier than to do it with their own hands.

You will need

  • clay, old newspaper, white paper, glue, brushes, stationery knife, punch, sandpaper, acrylic paint, beads, small beads, feathers, ribbon or braid.



Fashion a model of the future of the carnival masks of clay, depending on your selected image.


Old newspapers to tear or cut into small pieces, and it will form the basis of a carnival mask.


Apply on the basis of the first layer of plasticinecut pieces of newspaper, glue and grease them proceed to the next layer. You should get about 10-15 layers of paper. The latter do not from the newspaper and from pieces of white paper.


Give vykleyke dry thoroughly and remove it from the clay base.


The dried preform carnival mask carefully cut along the contour stationery knife, cut holes for eyes and mouth.


Gently sand the mask sandpaper in order to avoid burrs on its surface.


Apply the first coat of white acrylic paint,let it dry. Repeat the same thing from the wrong side. Proceed with further coloring carnival masks, decorate it as desired with beads, beads, feathers, carefully gluing them to the surface. Creative imagination.


Punch punch on both sides of the hole for fastening laces in them.


Insert punch holes Realized in equal portions tapes or tapes. Secure the ends of the ties with glue.

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