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How to make your own carnival mask


How to make your own carnival mask</a>

It was a hot summer, a time of gay beachParties in all possible and impossible styles. Latin, Cuban, Hawaiian, Spanish and other parties suggest, if not compliance with a certain dress code, the presence of a carnival mask for sure.

However, it is not always possible to find what is needed in specialized stores.

Well, there is nothing easier than to make it yourself.

You will need

  • Plasticine, old newspapers, white paper, glue, tassels, clerical knife, punch, sandpaper, acrylic paints, beads, small beads, feathers, ribbon or braid.



You will model the future carnival mask from plasticine, depending on the image you choose.


Old newspapers tear or cut into small pieces, the basis of the carnival mask will form from them.


Apply the first coat on the plasticine baseCut newspaper slices, grease them with glue and proceed to the next layer. It should be approximately 10-15 layers of paper. The latter is not made from a newspaper, but from pieces of white paper.


Allow the sticking to dry well and remove it from the plasticine backing.


Dry the workpiece carnival mask neatly cut the contour with a clerical knife, cut holes for the eyes and mouth.


Carefully sand the mask with sandpaper to avoid burrs on its surface.


Apply the first layer of white acrylic paint,Let it dry. Repeat the same on the wrong side. Proceed to further coloring the carnival mask, decorate it at will with beads, beads, feathers, gently sticking them to the surface. Be creative.


Punch the hole punch on both sides of the hole to secure the strings in them.


Pass into the holes made by the hole equal parts of the tape or braid. Fix the ends of the strings with glue.

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