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How to make your inbox

How to make your inbox

The phrase "mailbox" for a long timeis no longer associated with the dark blue object with the inscription "for letters and newspapers," hanging on the front door. Now the "mailbox" is associated with the words "dog" and "soap".

Make your mailbox very simply.



To begin, select the server on which your mailbox will be placed. Most often used for personal purposes yandex.ru, google.com and mail.ru.
Especial is no difference between them, but if the mailyou need mainly for correspondence with foreign shops, friends abroad, and the like, it is better to choose the Google Mail, because it is more "loyal" to foreign e-mail addresses.
We post on our site yandex.ru easiest m-friendly interface, which can be easy to understand even a novice.
Mail.ru offers users a special program (Mail.Ru-Agent), with which you can easily keep track of new messages.
Consider this process on Google example.
The first step is very simple. You will need to enter the name, last name, username and password in the fields provided, to confirm that you are not a bot (you need to enter the code in the field generated by the system) and move to the second step.


If everything was done correctly in the first step, the system will redirect you to your mailbox.
Pay attention to the possibility thatIt offers google: archiving of messages, icons, which you can mark important emails, import emails from other programs - all of which help make your life easier and simplify the work with the new mailbox.

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