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How to make your gift Odnoklassniki

How to Odnoklassniki

Social networks are remarkable in that it is possible to communicate with loved ones without seeing them in person. There are cases where the warm and sincere words are not enough to express their emotions.

Come to the aid virtual gifts. Romantic, funny, animated - you can choose any gift in the catalog.

But it's much nicer to present the results of their creative efforts.

To give your gift in a social network"Classmates", there is need to create an account by filling in a special form of the site all the necessary data, and provide a mobile phone number. On a page with your name displayed all sections with which you can work.

Go to the "Gifts" in the gray column on the left select the "My Gifts" - "created." Since you have not created any gift, you are prompted to do so in the form of bright orange links "Make a gift".

Virtual gift is a beautiful picture, so the second step is to photo selection. You can choose a photo from your albums on the page, or download the new (left "Upload" button).

The system prompts you to select files from the folders on thecomputer. Pre-download to your computer images on relevant topics. For example, the cute kittens for a romantic gift or pictures with funny inscriptions. However, please note that according to the rules of the site, it is impossible to use the known logos, photos of stars, photos offensive or pornographic.

For convenience, the editor, create a gift forCenter put your picture and the current picture in the right corner to it, so you can assess how it will look in the photo gift recipient. In order to present a picture-effectively looked, select the appropriate frame: Square, in the form of waves or heart.

By the picture, you can choose short text. For example: "I love you" or "Catch hi!" Choose the right color and size of letters. Adjust the layout of the text, you can use parts of the "up" and "down" (located to the right of your photo).

If the text and the picture match your expectations - safely, press the green button "The gift is ready". Your gift will remain in the "New" folder. To give it, click on "Give" and select the recipient.

Remember that the service on delivery of gifts paid. The value of your gift - 35 OK (OK = 1 1 ruble, provided that you cast your card or through a terminal).

Remove from gift can be created by moving it with the mouse and clicking on the cross appeared in the upper right corner.

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