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How to make your eyes beautiful

How to make your eyes beautiful

Large and beautiful eyes always attractAttention. This generous gift of nature do not get everything, but with the help of properly selected cosmetics, you can draw your own eyes more attractive.

Correct minor flaws and emphasize the dignity - the original cut, the unusual color of the iris, eyelash length and bend.

You will need

  • - Base makeup-
  • - Basic shade colors-
  • - Eyeliner-
  • - Curlers resnits-
  • - tush-
  • - korrektor-
  • - haylayter-
  • - Transparent powder.



To cosmetics laid down smoothly and does not disappeara few hours after application, use the fixing base under make-up. Apply it to clean skin of eyelids and under the eyes, gently hammering fingertips. Do not use greasy creams - makeup lie unevenly.


Select the appropriate basic shade. They may be powdery, or creamy. The first are more suited to dry, and the second - for normal or oily skin age. Owners of very light skin suitable shade of cream or champagne color. Dark-complexioned girls should try the shade of beige or purplish scales. If the skin under the eyes is a reddish undertone, give up makeup red-brown and pinkish tones - it will only emphasize the defect. Try green or gray shade.


Hide the fine wrinkles and dark circles under his bedsoft yellowish-beige corrector. Do not try to gloss over the shortcomings of the dense layer means. Apply it easily, driving with his fingertips. It is better to choose a concealer without oils containing reflective particles. Lightly powder the skin transparent loose powder and whisk with a surplus of eyebrows and eyelashes.


Emphasize the beautiful shape of the eyes will help softpencil brown, gray or gray-black shade. Circle their eyes at the very roots of the lashes, and then blend the line applicator. In the outer corner add a little more color. Will only make up eyelashes - fashionable and simple make-up ready.


Want to add sparkle? Tronte inner corner of eye shadows or light golden highlighter. A small bar can be applied and under the brow - it will make the eyes bright. Freshen proteins help pearl white waterproof pencil - gently move them mucosa.


If your lashes are too straight, curl themtongs. Then apply on the hair volume and lengthening mascara glossy black. Choosing fashionable color ink, give preference to dark variations - aubergine, deep blue, chocolate. Too bright and shiny ink optically reduces eye lashes and shortens.

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