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How to make a dog in the car is not seasick

When the dog swayed in the car, it can be seen not only in the obvious retching, but also in excessive salivation, rapid breathing, severe anxiety animal.

If the dog licks his lips often, this too is a sign of severe nausea.



Remember that a dog often swayed not so muchbecause of problems with the vestibular system, but because of the intense fear. Extraneous sounds, vibration of the engine, new and not always pleasant smell - can all frighten the animal, and lead to stress the fact that it quickly seasick. To solve the problem, each time before the trip, let your pet some of his favorite treats. It is advisable first to take short trips, though will be especially good if one of the owners at this time would sit with the dog, stroking and soothing her.


Try to go as gently as possible and safer. Frequent turns, hard braking, rapid speed of set - all this leads to the fact that the dog begins to rock. If possible, try to choose a flat road. If the animal is weakened vestibular system, it is not necessary to ride with him on the road - it will only aggravate the problem. By the way, this rule applies to puppies under one year, because they are still not strong enough physically and barely tolerate the trip.


Thoroughly ventilate the interior of the vehicle in frontjourney. During the trip, make sure that that does not appear any additional stimulus: do not use flavorings, smoke, loud music, screaming or talking in a raised voice.


Walk the dog before the trip and then notfeed it for at least 2-3 hours. The exception is a small number of special treats for dog training. Of course, it is important to ensure that the animal had access to fresh water. To ease the journey for the dog, keep the car windows slightly open or the air conditioner. Stuffiness may be an additional cause of nausea.


During long trips do not forget from time totime to stop, walk the dog, give her a drink. If the animal is very nervous, you can give her a sedative. It is advisable to choose the means, after consulting with your veterinarian.

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