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How to make your computer distributed wi-fi

How to make your computer distributed wi-fi

Setting up Wi-Fi distribution using a computer it can be divided into two stages.

First of all you need to install the necessary equipment to create the computer access point, and then make the necessary settings directly into the operating system itself.

Selecting the Wi-Fi adapter

Unlike laptops, which initially havebuilt-in charge for wireless access to data communications, computers require the purchase of additional network card or adapter Wi-Fi. To purchase the correct device will be sufficient to refer to the appropriate department store computer equipment. Most of today's Wi-Fi adapter, and network interface cards allow for the distribution of wireless Internet.
When you select a device in his notespeed characteristics. If you use an adapter for distribution of the Internet, you need a device with a higher data rate (eg, 300 Mbit / s). An important is the presence of additional antenna that can be connected to the adapter in order to increase the coverage area Wi-Fi. When buying products pay attention to the well-known brands (eg, TP-Link, ASUS, Zyxel, or D-Link).
Expensive and more efficient method to create afrom the computer access point is a network card Wi-Fi. It allows you to convert the signal similar to ordinary routers, which are also sold in computer stores.

Distribution of the Internet from a computer

As soon as the necessary equipment is installeda computer (USB-port), in accordance with the instructions included with the purchase of your device, you can start setting up Windows. Go to the "Start" menu - "Control Panel" - "Network Management and Sharing Center." You can also write the name of the menu item in the search box after pressing the "Start" button.
The list of proposed options, click on the link"Setup Wizard and connect the network." In the resulting window, select the "Setup an ad hoc network," then click "Next". In the "Network Name" specify a custom name for the network. In the "Security Type" select WPA2-Personal, and for the value of "security key" to set a password that must be entered on the other device to access the wireless network.
After specifying the desired settings, click "Next"and click on the button "Turn on sharing an internet connection." Then click on the "Close" button and go to "Change sharing settings" in the left side of the window "Connect Control Center." Select sections "Turn on network discovery", "Enable file sharing and printer sharing" and click "Save Changes." Wi-Fi Setup is complete and you can carry out to connect to the network using any portable device.

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