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How to make your CD with songs


How to make your CD with songs</a>

It is not always listening to the radio or existing music CDs that can satisfy a person.

To enjoy your favorite audio recordings, you can make your own disc with songs.



In order to create your own disc with songs,You need to record the desired audio files on it. It is possible to create both a standard audio disc and a disc with mp3-formatted recordings. To do this, you can use the standard tools of the operating system or programs designed to burn disks.


Insert a blank CD into the computer's drive. With the help of the explorer, open the folder of the disk, in another window open the folder with the songs that you want to record. With the mouse, select them, right-click and select "Copy". Then also right-click on the empty location of the folder on the disk and select "Paste." In the window toolbar, click the "Burn CD" button. In the window that appears, specify the name, then click "Continue". Wait until the end of the recording process.


You can record an audio CD using standardWindows Media applications. Select "Start" - & gt- "All Programs" - & gt- "Windows Media Player". After starting the program in the upper right corner, click the "Write" tab. Click the "Record Settings" button, then select "Audio CD". If there are unnecessary songs in the playlist of the program, delete them using the Clear button.


Next, in the player library, runSearch for necessary songs for recording. To do this, use the search for artists, genres or albums. Drag the desired songs into the list area on the right side of the window. If desired, use the mouse to change the order of the songs in which they will be placed on the disc. After that, click the "Start recording" button and wait until the process is over.


You can also record a disc with songs usingOne of the third-party programs. Run the selected application, and then specify the type of recordable disc (data disk for creating an mp3 disc or audio CD). Using the file manager of the program, select the audio recordings and drag them into the field designated for the recorded files. After that, press the record start button and wait for the process to finish.

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