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How do body wraps for weight loss

How do body wraps for weight loss

Lose weight without much effort as possible and using the wrappings. No need to visit gyms, sit on diets.

There are different ways of wrapping, various formulations.

What to do wraps

In order to lose weight, not necessarilyput some huge physical effort, you can just do the wrapping. This method is known for a long time and has not lost its relevance even today. Many women prefer to wrap simulators. The first lesson in the halls will help to lose weight, but they will not help to achieve the same skin tightening as wraps. Secondly, some ingredients have the ability to improve blood circulation, which is also important for the health of any woman.

How wraps help in the fight against excessweight? What happens is that the products of which are preparing a mask for the body, begin to warm up the skin by increasing blood flow velocity of the body. By increasing the circulation of the body are derived extra substance including water. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance in the body. For this drink enough to two liters of water per day. Eventually the skin is refreshed, getting rid of the old outdated cells, cellulite disappear. But there is also need to wrap properly. It is necessary to take into account the personal tolerance of the components of the mask.

What are wraps

Common ingredients include honey,mustard, sea salt, coffee asleep. These basic components can be added to water, oil, mint. Honey is usually combined with mustard and coffee - with salt. Although it is possible to experiment. We must remember that honey is very allergenic, so you must first determine if there are allergic to it or not. Mustard much was hot, do not be afraid of this - the way it should be. Consider how to make wraps correctly.

Wraps are of two basic types: hot and cold. Both justifies its name: if the first cools the skin and stimulates its elasticity, the latter helps to get rid of calories. But the hot wrap is contraindicated for pregnant women, those who have problems with blood vessels. Wraps can also be done at home and receive treatment at the salon. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Wrapping at home more budget than in the lounge. But there is always a qualified staff, which in case of emergency, ready to help in a professional salon. Moreover, professionals know exactly how to make wraps, so you should have no reason to experience.

What you need to do the wrapping

In order to do body wraps at home, you need to prepare:

  • a mask to be directly applied to the shell-
  • food plenku-
  • scrub-
  • body cream-
  • a blanket.

First, you need to prepare the skin for the procedure: Apply to a clean body scrub in a circular motion massaging the skin, then rinse with warm water. Now you need to put a mask. You can make wraps based on red pepper. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of coffee, ground, not beans, edible salt, red pepper. Honey-mustard mask consists of honey, mustard, are taken in approximately equal proportions (mustard can be a little more), a few drops of orange oil or other citrus, sugar. You can make and on the basis of coffee sleeping mask: need coffee grounds, fine sea salt and a little honey. For cold wraps perfect clay, it is necessary only to dissolve the required amount of warm water.

In beauty shops, and supermarkets,buyers are offered a huge variety of mixes for wraps, you can buy ready-made mask. After applying the mask is necessary in several layers of wrap problem areas with cling film, then wrap myself in a blanket. Treatment time - from 40 minutes to an hour.

How often do wraps

Making hot wraps need at least 2 timesweek, even every day, you can, but then you need to give your skin a rest. For example, make wraps for 5 consecutive days and 2 days - rest. You can also alternate between hot and cold wraps. It will even be better for the skin. It is best to turn around after exercise and a contrast shower in the early days of the female cycle.

Making wraps is useful also for rejuvenationskin, increasing its tone, in addition, after such procedures useful for skin enriched minerals organism. It is also possible not only to get rid of cellulite, as has been said, but also to maintain the results achieved, to prevent the formation of cellulite again. After wrapping procedure, the body will be in a relaxed state that helps well to recover from hard work.

How to wrap - the choice is yours. But the effect that it will be possible to observe a couple of times, you will be impressed and will wrap favorite cosmetic procedure that benefits health and beauty.

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