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How to make word-formation analysis

How to make word-formation analysis

Word-formation analysis are all pupils at Russian lessons.

It is necessary to understand some of the words were formed researched the word and by what means and processes it has been formed.

It sounds complicated, but in reality it's just a few simple analytical activities.

Tasks derivational parsing words

The purpose of a family of words parsing wordsIt is to find out by what means and methods of the word was formed and what language processes accompanied by the formation of words. To properly perform a derivation analysis, you must be able to distinguish words from mutable and immutable, if the word refers to a variable, find the initial form of the word. Also, the student must understand how to identify the basis for the word, to be able to find a fresh word, ie, most similar in form to be able to distinguish the words correctly (suffixes, prefixes, roots, etc.) As a result, the correctness of the word-formation analysis we can conclude that it was formed by the analyzed word.

Stages of a family of words parsing words

Word-formation analysis is carried outseveral steps. First we need to find a primary form of the word. For nouns is the singular form in the nominative for adjectives - singular masculine for cardinal numbers - the nominative (ten, hundred), and for ordinal numbers - singular form, the masculine gender and nominative case (tenth five hundredth ). The initial form of the verb, as well as participles and gerunds, is its initial form, ie, infinitive.
The next step you need to find the closest in form and meaning to the word of the analyzed word, then explain the meaning of the word and highlight investigated and producing base.
Next, you must determine by whatword-building means the word was formed. This is done in case of a test word is a suffix and / or prefix. Refers to the way of word formation: affixed, prefixed, suffix, Postaffixal, platformers-suffix, platformers-Postaffixal, suffixal Postaffixal, platformers-suffix-Postaffixal or non-affixal (reduction or addition).
At the end of word-formation analysis must specify the processes involved in word formation, if any: the alternation of vowels and consonants, producing truncated base interfiksatsiya.
The results can be checked with the help of word-formation dictionary of the Russian language.

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