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How to make a wooden wheel

How to make a wooden wheel

Few things could be easier wheel.

A wooden wheel is useful for the manufacture of carts, wheelbarrows, or other device, whose movement is impossible without this rotating design element.

Even if you want to build a model of the Civil War, carts without wheels you can not do.



Standard wood wheel It consists of a hub, spokes, the rim segments and the metal parts of the bushings, braces and bandages hub rim.


Before proceeding to the manufacture of wheels, draw wheel real drawing on paper, a piece ofplywood or cardboard. This is necessary to ensure that the needles will be placed in the hub does not interfering with each other. Plans will also help determine the size of the wheels and spokes segments in full size. Average number of spokes and segments - 12 pieces.


For the manufacture of parts, prepare dry wood. Given the pressures on wheel It should be preferred hardwood. Wheel made of soft or unseasoned wood will certainly fall apart over time.


For the manufacture of tires suitable steellane 4 mm thick. The ends of the plates overlap and connect retracted, forming a rivet joint length. To this end, the edge of holes approximately 10 mm in diameter, proceed to one end of the strip is welded to the other end of the strip joint. Bandages hubs can be performed from the pipe, and the need to start with ourselves tires and wooden rim customized by a steel band.


wheel assembly begins with attachment bandages onKit. Then, the inside of the hub hammer on a steel sleeve. Install the hub to the spokes of the nest, and they constitute relevant segments. When planting the spokes into the slots make grooves depth of 1 mm, so that the air went out of the nest.


At least the heated bandage skeweron a wheel rim. When the cooling shroud is reduced in size and firmly connect all parts of the wheel. In the same way, by the way, pressed onto tires of railway wheels, which are kept without any additional devices.


The heated bandage should have an inner diameter,equal to the diameter of the wheel rim on which it is pushed. Heat the band stronger and at the same time Mounting the go easier. The heating band is usually carried out to 650 ° C, to determine the temperature at incandescence (in our case it will be between the brownish-red and dark red). For heating use fire or forge. The wheel is laid flat and securely fastened. Then bandage quickly transferred to a wooden rim and face down on it with a sledge hammer and mandrel. After cooling wheel ready to use.

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