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How to make a wooden wheel


How to make a wooden wheel</a>

Few things can be easier than wheels.

A wooden wheel can be useful for making a cart, wheelbarrow or other device whose movement is inconceivable without this rotating element of construction.

Even if you want to build a model of a Civil War tachanka, you can not do without wheels.



Standard wooden wheel Consists of a hub, spokes, rim segments, as well as metal parts: bushings, hub bandages and rim bandages.


Before you start making wheels, draw wheel In real time on drawing paper, piecePlywood or cardboard. This is necessary in order to make sure that the spokes really fit in the hub, without interfering with each other. The drawing will also help to determine the size of the wheel segments and spokes in full size. The usual number of spokes and segments is 12 pieces.


To prepare the parts, prepare the dry wood. Taking into account the wheel Should give preference to solid wood. The wheel made of soft or not dried wood, in due course by all means will collapse.


For manufacturing of bandages the steelStrip thickness 4 mm. The ends of the plate are stretched and lapped, forming along the length of the rivet joint. For this purpose, the edges of holes with a diameter of about 10 mm, made at one end of the strip, are welded to the end of the other joint strip. Bandages of hubs can be made from the pipe, at the same time it is necessary to begin with the bandages themselves, and to adjust the wooden rim under the steel bandage.


The assembly of the wheel is started from the bandThe hub. Then inside the hub is hammered on the steel bushing. Establish in nests of a nave of a knitting needle, and on them appropriate segments are established. When you plant the spokes into the nests, make grooves 1 mm deep to let air out of the nests.


In the last place, the heated bandage is insertedOn the rim of the wheel. When cooling, the bandage will decrease in size and firmly connect all the parts of the wheel. In the same way, by the way, press wheels of railway wheels, which hold without any additional devices.


The heated band must have an internal diameter,Equal to the diameter of the rim of the wheel on which it is mounted. Heat the bandage more strongly, and the fitting will go easier. The heating of the bandage is usually carried out up to 650 ° C, determining the temperature by the color of the heat (in our case it will be between brownish-red and dark-red colors). For heating use a fire or a bugle. The wheel is laid flat and securely fixed. Then the bandage is quickly transferred to the wooden rim and is deposited on it with a sledgehammer and mandrels. After cooling down wheel Ready to use.

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