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How to make wooden toys

Children are happy to participate in the manufacture of toys

Toys made of wood is very popular with the children, especially if they are made by the parent hands with the direct assistance of children themselves.

It should not be a professional carpenter, wood duck can be done even without having any special skills.

You will need

  • - Pieces of wood thickness not less than 1 cm
  • - template
  • - Printer
  • - copy paper
  • - Jig Saw or
  • - Nail File
  • - sandpaper
  • - paint



If you find it difficult to cut out a toy from a thick piece of wood, you can make several identical pieces of plywood and glue them using a conventional adhesive.


Search the internet image duck with a well recognizable silhouette, save it on your computer, print the image using the printer on a sheet of A4.


Spread on a tree tracing paper on topapply a printed pattern, circle it on a path well by clicking on the pencil or pen. Or just cut the pattern and draw around it with black pencil.


Cut the duck jigsaw. Sand cuts nail file and sandpaper, so that the child does not splinter when the hand game.


Together with the child razrisuy duck on both sides.


The toy can be left whole, but you can cut it at 5-10 parts, thus creating a self-made puzzle, that child will be assembled and disassembled with great pleasure.

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