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How to make wine at home

How to make wine at home

Autumn - time of ripening fruits and berries, as well as the most suitable season for making homemade wine.

In addition, cooked wine at home will cost you much cheaper than buying it in the store.

After all the products required for the manufacture of wine, are at hand.

This can be strawberries, apples, grapes, cherries or redcurrants.

You will need

  • - 5 kg of red currant,
  • - 2-3 kg of sugar,
  • - 10 liter carboy.



Red currants should be thoroughly washed under running water and lay out to dry on a cloth rag.


After that, currants should be cleaned of twigs and put in a large container, such as a 10-liter bottle.


Fall asleep in a bottle with a currant 2-3 kg of sugar. Pour specially prepared, key cold water or spring so that the top left to 10-15 centimeters.


Now, the bottle should be closed by a special cover,in which a flexible tube is inserted. The tube is lower in a container with water and place the tube attachment to the lid tightly seal the wax or clay to avoid crevices. Water valve prevents air from entering the bottle of wine. With the water trap can determine the degree of fermentation and its end on the allocation of bubbles in a container of water.


Put a bottle of wine in the sun and soak for about 20 days.


Thereafter poluprigotovlennoe wine need to drain, drain back into the bottle and add a cup of sugar. Close the cover with water seal.


A week later, the wine ceases to wander. Try it in gently drain, so as not to shake the sediment. Pour the cooked wine is bottled.


Each 0.5-liter bottle, add 4 Art. l. vodka and zakuporte. Store the wine in a cool dark place.

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