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HOW to make waterproofing in the house

how to make waterproofing in the house

How to make waterproofing in the building - a question that you need to consider before beginning construction.

The moisture level may rise in the building due to the fact that the outer walls are in contact with moisture.

This leads to the destruction of the masonry and increasing humidity, which is almost always the cause of microorganisms.



Waterproofing will make the house secure, enableavoid penetration of moisture into the building. Waterproofing house can include a list of tasks, including work to protect the roof from moisture. This is a really important point, because moisture can penetrate into the room through the poorly laid roofing material.


If you do not speak about private homes, as well as apartments,then they often performed waterproofing bathroom. This room, whose walls are continually experiencing the effects of moisture. To finish the bath is best to use liquid materials.


Before you make waterproofing in the house, you need toassess the scope of work and see if you can do it. You may need professional help, especially if you have to do a lot of work.


If the house will be built on the area where the water table is close to the surface, basement waterproofing is required. This type of foundation is required to observe.


Waterproofing can be vertical andhorizontal. Vertical performed more often, it is very effective, its installation is carried out quite easily. Application of the horizontal based on the use of special solutions, for example, concrete with the addition of a solution of sodium silicate.


In homes, in addition to the above work is often required floor waterproofing or waterproofing of walls. This applies in particular to the protection of basements against moisture.


basement waterproofing is carried out in severalstages. If you have chosen a vertical isolation, do it in three layers. The easiest way is to mix the bitumen and kerosene in a certain proportion.


For the first layer proportion of 25 to 75%,for the second - 50 to 50%, the third - 75 to 25%. Kerosene can replace gasoline, it is the easiest way and the cheapest. Of course, if you can, it is better to use modern materials, then waterproofing is better.


Waterproofing can be done on a dry orwet surface. For bath suitable waterproofing of getting action. The walls are covered with a composition that penetrates the thickness of walls, clogging the capillaries crystals. It should be noted that the wall does not cease to "breathe", this is a very important point.


Hydro bath can be carried outusing bitumen-based materials. The widely used cement-polymer mastic. In addition, you can use self-adhesive and glass fusing. Self-adhesive fiberglass is particularly easy to install.


Before you perform the waterproofing of home, buy stuff. Any waterproofing requires pre-treatment. Align the wall so that there was no large inclines.


Lining hydraulic seals - the quickest wayprotect the room. Waterproofing of the floor can also be performed back-lining materials. Once you lay a rolled material, the floor can be walked on without fear of damage.


Surface waterproofing can be done asoutside and inside the building. Bituminous mastics are applied in several layers, it protects the premises from penetration of capillary moisture. You can select a bitumen-rubber or bitumen-polymer mastic. They are resistant to handling and perfectly adhere to the surface.

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