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HOW do watermelon manicure

How to make a watermelon manicure

Bright watermelon colors are always in fashion. This bright and bold manicure, which will provide the owner of the crowd.

Decorate your nails bright watermelon manicure that will delight each eye.

You will need

  • -base Polish
  • -Pilochka
  • -Green varnish
  • -bright Pink or red lacquer
  • -Black lacquer
  • -Tёmny Green lacquer
  • -White paint
  • -Vodootalkivayuschaya Coating liquid nail after patterning



Align With nail file nail shapesemicircle. Apply protective base of the nail and let it dry. Then, cover all the nails uniform layer of red lacquer and wait until the nails are completely dry.


Bright green paint swipe strip (clearly repeating nail circuit) at the top. The bandwidth depends on your personal preference.


Using a toothpick or thin brush dark green lacquer paint over the wavy stripes of green layer.


Wait until the nails dry out. Thin brush with white paint swipe flat strip joints between red and green paints. Black lacquer paint a point after the white line.


Thoroughly dry your nails. Cover them with water-repellent liquid to become a persistent pattern.

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