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How to make water supply in the country with their own hands

How to make water supply in the country with their own hands

Today the garden plots used not only as agardens mounted with homely summer houses with no amenities, they are resting places where citizens can relax on weekends.

For complete relaxation requires a certain set of amenities, so the water garden is one of the primary tasks.

Selection of water source

As a rule, centralized water supply tosuburban areas is not available, and your first task will be to source selection, where to land and building located on it, the water will flow. If it comes to that, at their summer cottage, you are only in the summer, and from time to time, you can take the water from the stream, river or pond in the vicinity. But when in the area built major residential house in which you want to come in the winter, it is best to use for this well or borehole.

The construction of the well will be cheaper than drillingwell, but in the summer it can dry up, and on water quality can be affected by run-off are located nearby, as well as snowmelt and groundwater. Artesian well provide you with high-quality water throughout the year. In the case where the water demand is high from your family and planting area that require watering substantial, it makes sense to plot drill hole.

Water supply from well

If a well on your site and does not drythe water is of sufficient quality, it can be used for devices like the summer and winter supply in the country. In this case, the feed system can be used as a pumping station, and surface or submersible pumps. Pump station - automatic system consisting of a surface pump, pressure switch and large capacity water tank. The disadvantages of such systems include the noisy operation and requirements for the level of water in the well - it must not fall lower than 7.8 meters from the bottom of the well.

For pumping water from a well can be usedOnly a submersible or surface pump. Surface pumps installed at the mouth of wells, water it flows through special pipe equipped with a foot valve. They are easy to maintain, because they are located on the surface, but the power of such pumps is low and they are installed when the need for water is small and well located next to the house. Powerful and nearly noiseless submersible pumps are capable of pumping water from the well bottom even with a small amount of mechanical impurities, they also offer high performance.

If you install a water supply system,it makes sense to immediately install and sewerage system and heating system, water heater plug, which will provide the house with hot water. With this in mind, do the calculations required for the operation of these systems and the amount of water the pump.

Accumulator - water tank with water level sensor can extend suburban water supply system.

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Water supply from well

In this case, the water supply system will beconsist of the following components: deep pump, piping, filters, valves. Mechanical and chemical filters are installed to clean impurities from the water sand and clay, as well as calcium and iron, and other trace elements. filter type you specify, by making the chemical analysis of water.

piping system

Choosing the source of water supply, it is necessarydecide whether you will use the running water in the summer or year-round. In the case where the system will work in the winter, the pipeline from the water source should be laid 20-30 cm lower than the depth of soil freezing in your area. If so dig deep, you do not want to, you should consider pipe insulation system. In this case, they should be laid in a trench, which is then poured expanded clay, slag or foam crumb. Pipes can wrap and special insulated material, lay next to them heating cable. But in the latter case, the system will increase the cost, and risk of freezing, in the case of a power outage, will still exist. When installing the pipes need to be laid at a slight tilt toward the point of abstraction.

Summer water with his own hands

Having the topographic plot or schememaking the necessary measurements on their own, make a project of internal and external water supply, calculate the amount of materials needed. You will need to buy:

- Metal pipe with an outside diameter of 20 or 32 mm for the inner and outer liner water-
- Pumping station or pump (check valve is required for the pump station) -
- Holders for pipes, corners, couplings, adapters, etc.-
- Ball valve and sanitary equipment to be installed in the house.

In addition, you will need: a measuring tape, a hacksaw for cutting of pipes, digging trenches tools, wood planks formwork, concrete, mesh, netting, gravel fines.

Determine where the pump will be installedstation - you can choose the basement for her or specially erected extension to the house, but in a pinch, it can be placed in the bathroom. Dig a trench, lay in her tube 32 mm in diameter. The lower end of its flex and slide in a well or in the well, the top enter into the house through an opening left in the basement. That portion of the pipe, which remained on the surface at the entry place in the house, too, must be insulated.

The pump station must be installed on a hard surface, the best on a concrete base. Before you start, complete the installation of the pump station.

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If you do not use the pump station,install an automated system that will serve as the inclusion of the pump as soon as the valves open in the house. Perform internal wiring pipe diameter of 20 mm to consumers - sink, basin, toilet, soul.

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