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How to make a water supply


During the installation of pipes, take your time and be careful</a>

Laying a water pipe? This is an obligatory stage in the construction of any residential building.

In addition, when the water pipe is used for a long time, its replacement is sometimes required.

In both cases, the stages will be approximately the same.

You will need

  • Instruments:
  • - Bulgarian
  • - protective glasses
  • - welding machine
  • - soldering iron
  • - perforator
  • - set of dies
  • - a hammer
  • - chisel
  • - a set of keys
  • Materials:
  • - water pipes
  • - Fittings
  • - counter-nuts
  • - Fum-tape
  • - the tow
  • - cranes



Begins running water from the project. Make a scheme of water supply, where you consider the placement of all plumbing units, types of water fittings and the water pipes themselves. Having on hand a detailed and accurate drawing, indicating all the sizes, you can safely go to the building store and acquire the necessary details. With all the variety of water pipes we recommend buying plastic, they favorably differ from metal resistance to the influence of an aggressive environment. And they are not inferior in terms of durability to metal ones. The cost of plastic pipes is lower. Their joints are strong, as they are welded by a high-temperature welding apparatus, and they can also be laid inside the walls. Metal pipes are not allowed to run inside walls.


When calculating the material, include in it the quantityFittings used for supply to the boiler and mixers, as well as running meters of the pipes themselves. When purchasing, make a reserve, which is usually 10% of materials and accessories. If you take it back, you definitely will not be enough.


Having bought materials, go to an agreement inMunicipal service on the shutdown of water. If it is an apartment in a multi-storey building, the plumber will turn off the water from everyone who is connected to your riser. To make it less dissatisfied, do it on a weekday, when most of your neighbors will be at work.


When replacing pipes, it is necessary first to dismantleOld. After dismantling the pipes, proceed to assemble the new ones. If you buy metal pipes, then thread all the cut parts with a thread, which is cut with a die of the required diameter. Lubricate the metal with normal fat. For the strength of the connection, screw the counter-nut, and onto it a patch or FUM tape. Now you can weld the connections. First weld the main riser, and then cranes. If everything is done correctly, there should be no leakage when the water is turned on.


After you have installed the riser and the faucets, you can start installing pipes in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet.

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