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How to make water


Make water from ... air</a>

It is possible to make water practically from any substance, especially organic.

However, in order to obtain potable water without using any complex installations, chemical reactions and aggregates, we will have to confine ourselves to air, soil and snow.

You will need

  • Shovel
  • Polyethylene film
  • Water collection container
  • Stones



It is possible to extract water from the soil even in the mostArid regions of the Earth, although, of course, this will be more difficult. In order to make water out of the ground, you need a tank for collecting water, a plastic film, a shovel and a couple of hours of hard work. First of all, it is necessary to excavate a pit with a depth of 0.5 to 1 meter in the ground. In the center of the pit, put a container to collect water, and cover the pit with a polyethylene film so that the edges of the film fit snugly against the edges of the pit, without gaps and cracks.
The edges of the film can be easily pressed with stones orAny other heavy objects. Making water from the ground is easiest in the morning, when the sun is just beginning to heat the soil. After a while, condensation will appear on the inner surface of the film. In order for the condensate to flow directly into the tank, it is necessary to place a heavy object on top of the film on top, so that the film is bent inside the pit, and the condensate drips directly into the container.


If you make water from the earth you can, but it is difficult, thenMaking water from snow is much easier. Moreover, melt water is also considered very useful. So you can try to make water from snow at home, without waiting for an emergency situation in which you will need these skills. To get water from the snow you need to get into the snow tank and tighten it tight, and then heat the tank on a gas or electric stove, in the sun or a battery of central heating. Of melting snow there is not much water at all, so that at least one drink will have to fill the reservoir with snow more than once.


If you could get money from the air soAs simple as water from the air? Everyone in the world would be rich. In fact, making water from the air is very simple. In this simple manner, water from the air was obtained by our distant ancestors from Theodosia. The essence of the method is that the air in any way contains a sufficient amount of moisture, which can be extracted by condensation, for example, on loose piles of rubble. Temperature fluctuations between day and night time of days provide an excellent condensation of a moisture on cooling stones for a night, and to collect this moisture in capacity? A completely different kind of task.

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