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How to make water

Make the water from the air ...

Make water can be virtually any substance, especially organic.

However, in order to obtain drinking water without any complicated settings, the chemical reactions and aggregates need to confine the air, soil and snow.

You will need

  • Shovel
  • Polyethylene film
  • The capacity to collect water
  • stones



Remove the water from the soil can be even in the mostarid regions of the Earth, although, of course, will make it more difficult. In order to make the water from the ground will need the capacity to collect water, plastic film, a shovel and a couple of hours of hard work. First of all you need to dig a hole in the ground a depth of 0.5 to 1 meter. In the center of the hole to put the container for collecting water, and pit cover with plastic wrap so that the edges of the film snugly against the pit, without gaps and crevices.
The edges of the film is convenient to press down with stones orany other heavy objects. Make the water from the land of the easiest in the morning, when the sun is just starting to heat the soil. On the inner surface of the film after a while condensate will appear. To condensate can drain directly into the container on the top middle of the film is to put a heavy object so that the film is bent into the pit, and the condensation dripped directly into the container.


If you make the water as possible, but it is difficult from the ground, themake water from snow much easier. Moreover, the melt water is considered to be also very useful. So you can try to make the water from the snow at home, without waiting for an emergency situation in which you will need these skills. To obtain water from the snow you need to type in the snow capacity and its tightly compacted and then heat the container to a gas or electric stove, in the sun or a central heating radiator. From tayaschego snow formed is not a lot of water, so that at least would have to drink more than once to fill the capacity of the snow.


If you could get the money out of thin air sojust as the water from the air? everything in the world to be rich. In fact, to make the water from the air is very simple. Nemudrenyh this manner, the water from the air even our ancestors from Feodosia. The method consists in the fact that in the air somehow contains a sufficient amount of moisture, which can be removed by condensing, for example, on loose piles of rubble. Temperature fluctuations between day and night time of day to provide excellent condensation of cooling at night the rocks, and only collect the moisture in the container? the task of a different kind.

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