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How do ventilation

Creating a favorable microclimate in the house is not possible without the proper device ventilation system, as most of the owners of country houses often overlooked.

Lack of proper ventilation leads to the formation of mold, damp and stale air, which has a negative impact on human health, living in a house.

The solution is to install a forced ventilation.

You will need

  • - perforator-
  • - drel-
  • - shtroborez-
  • - Knife.



Before making ventilation in a country house,decide which type it is ideal for your home. The ventilation system can be mechanical and natural. Mechanical ventilation of premises is due to the filters, heaters or fans. Such a system is more versatile than natural, as it supports a comfortable environment in the room, regardless of environmental conditions. The natural ventilation system does not require any electrical equipment.


There is also the exhaust and supply air. Ventilation facilitates entry of fresh air into the house, and is responsible for its moisturizing, cleaning and heating. The aim of the exhaust system is the conclusion from the premises of odors, and use it without ventilation is ineffective, since there is a probability of occurrence of drafts and lack of humidification.


Before starting work, determine in what place will be in the ventilation box and drill a hole there, which should be slightly larger pipe. Clean the hole resulting from debris.


Typically, the exhaust channel is displayed on the roof. Thereby stimulated airflow and pressure drop. If the channel is provided in the wall, then it is better not to spread from a conventional brick and specific channel units.


After that proceed to install the pipe. Prior to installation, insert the tube fan. It must be of high quality that during the operation does not cause unnecessary inconvenience to noise.


Insert vent pipe into the hole. Appeared seal the gaps with foam. As long as the foam dries (10-12 hours), do some electrical wiring. Cut Stroebe, and a hole for the switch box. Sam set the switch after the completion of the decoration of the room. The cut through the wire lay Stroebe, strengthen its alabaster and connect it to the fan and switch.


Excess dry foam cut off with a knife, and Stroebe zashpaklyuyte, then set on both sides of the metal lattice ventilation.

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