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How to make a Venetian mask with your own hands


How to make a Venetian mask with your own hands</a>

Carnival masks have a rich history, as in practically all countries costumes were carnivalized at different times.

One of the most famous carnivals in the world is held in Venice, and Venetian carnival masks are a stylish and recognizable attribute of this event.

Today, the Venetian mask is alsoAn unusual and stylish decoration for any interior, and many people purchase such masks only as souvenirs. Souvenir masks are made of porcelain and ceramics.

You can try to make a Venetian mask yourself.

You will need

  • Prepare a sculptural clay or clay,Glue PVA, soft paper, petroleum jelly, scissors, sandpaper, as well as brushes, acrylic paints, rhinestones, beads, feathers, lace, and other decorative ornaments.



The basis of the mask is sculpted from sculptural plasticine, using the finished plastic Mask, Or taking off the impression from his own face, having previously smeared it with petroleum jelly. In the impression, make holes for the nostrils, eyes and mouth, trying to make the edges of the hole as flat as possible. Put in Mask Tissue roller and dry it for a day.


Dry model cover with Vaseline, and if you sculpted Mask From clay - cover it with sunflower oil or wax. Finely grate the paper and begin to paste Mask Small pieces of paper, applying it in even layers. It is best to use pieces of newspaper or wrapping paper, soaking them in water.


Each paper layer is coated with PVA glue. Lay a layer of paper 3-4 mm thick, then dry the model until completely dry at room temperature. While papier-mache is not dry, do not remove Mask With a plasticine base - it can deform.


Carefully separate the dried papier-mâché from the baseAnd straighten the edges with sharp scissors. Treat the edges of the eye sockets, nostrils and mouth, giving them an even shape. Cover the mask with an acrylic putty, leveling the surface defects, and then grind the dried surface of the mask with sandpaper.


On the mask, draw a pencil outlines forColor, then cover it with a layer of white and pink paint. Draw on the mask ornaments with paint of other colors, decorate it with silver and gold patterns, glue sequins, beads and feathers. The mask is ready.

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