How to make usb

How to make usb flash drive bootable</a>

The most usual portable storage of information for a long time remained CD or DVD discs.

Gradually, these devices are losing ground, and they are replaced by USB drives: both flash drives and portable hard drives.

And even some computers, such as netbooks, are not designed to work with disks at all.

DVD-drive in them is simply missing.

Hence, there is a need to install the Windows operating system from a USB stick.

You will need

  • USB storage
  • DVD drive
  • Windows Disk



To begin with, it is necessary to ensure thatUSB-drive was determined before the operating systems load. To do this, you will need to find a set of programs, called usb multiboot. Run the Usb Disk Storage Format utility. Select the NTFS or FAT32 file system, specify the required Flash drive And press "start".

How to make usb- & lt-strong & gt-flash drive & lt- / strong & gt- bootable


Run the Grub4Dos Installer. In the window that appears, select the required flash card and click "Install". Now you need to copy to Flash drive The following files: grldr, memtest.img, bootfont.bin and menu.lst. This concludes the stage of creating a multi-boot flash drive.

How to make usb- & lt-strong & gt-flash drive & lt- / strong & gt- bootable


To create a flash drive with which you canInstall a Windows operating system, you will need a computer or laptop with a DVD drive, or an external USB drive for a netbook. Insert the Windows distribution CD into the drive and copy all of its contents to your Flash drive.

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