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How to make usb

How to make bootable usb-flash drive

The most familiar of portable storage media for a long time remained a CD or DVD.

Gradually, these devices are losing out and are replaced by USB flash drives: a flash and portable hard drives.

And even some computers, such as netbooks, generally are not designed to work with disks, because

DVD-drive is simply not available to them.

Hence the need to install the Windows operating system with the USB-stick.

You will need

  • USB-drive
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Windows Disk



First, you need to ensure thatUSB-drive was determined to boot operating systems. To do this you need to find a set of programs called usb multiboot. Run Usb Disk Storage Format. Select the NTFS or FAT32 file system, select the desired USB flash drive and press "start".

How do usb- & lt-strong & gt-flash card & lt- / strong & gt- boot


Start Grub4Dos Installer program. In the window that appears, select the desired flash cards and click on «Install». Now you need to copy USB flash drive the following files: grldr, memtest.img, bootfont.bin and menu.lst. This ends the phase of multiboot stick.

How do usb- & lt-strong & gt-flash card & lt- / strong & gt- boot


To create a flash drive, which can beto install the Windows operating system, you need a computer or laptop with a DVD-drive or an external USB-drive for a netbook. Insert the Windows distribution in the drive and copy all its contents to your USB flash drive.

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