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How to make trees and flowers from beads


How to make trees and flowers from beads</a>

Making beadwork is a laborious, painstaking task.

But as a result, from a small set of improvised tools you can independently make beautiful decorative and souvenir products, for example, in the form of flowers and trees.

You will need

  • Beads of different shapes and colors, nylon thread, fishing line or copper wire, scotch tape or floristic tape, manicure lacquer, scissors for cutting thread or wire, pliers.



Make a bead blossoming Japanese cherry blossom orRussian willow, spreading its long branches. First, branches of a tree from beads and a copper wire are braided. Depending on the color of the leaves or flowers on the tree, take a shade of beads. Beads can be mixed in color among themselves to achieve an interesting effect.


A piece of wire is planted with beads. Through the flat sections on the wire are made loops, for example, every half a centimeter or centimeter. The end of the wire remains free, so that it can be screwed to the trunk of the tree. You can connect the wire for both ends, then you get another kind of branch.


Make several blanks of future branchesWood, the same as the first - 50 pieces or more. The blanks are twisted together by 8-9 branches in each. Then from all the blanks you need to twist three large ones. In the end, other thinner twigs of a tree are screwed to one volumetric trunk. The trunk is bandaged with a ribbon for floristry or scotch tape.


Methods of strengthening the tree in the base can beDifferent. You can pour the gypsum solution into the container and insert the finished tree into it. Or use clay, a lot of river small stones, sand, which also secures the tree trunk. You can wind one large flat stone with the free ends of the wire from the tree trunk. He will become its foundation and pedestal. If it is difficult to bend the wire at different stages of work, help yourself with pliers. The trunk of a tree can be covered with a varnish, an oil paint.


By the same principle, florets are made fromBeads, and for each type of flower there is a certain scheme of planting beads on a thread or wire. To make small chrysanthemums, take a white beads for flower petals, orange or yellow for the core and a bit of black beads to decorate the center of the flower.


For one long wire, fit for eachFlower white beads. Make loops on the wire to separate each white petal. Separately, put on a shorter piece of wire one black bead and the other orange. Fold from the wire with a white bead bud, wrapping it around the wire with orange beads so that the flower turned out. Fix the resulting bud on a stalk of long twisted wire. Such flowers need to be done a few to collect the bouquet.


Stems for flowers are formed from twistedA wire that is wrapped with tape, colored paper or foil, and varnished. Ready-made flowers from beads are placed in baskets with earth, gravel, sand, put them in vases, colorful bottles, create from them ikebans, wall panels.

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