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How do trees and flowers from beads

How do trees and flowers from beads

Manufacturing of products from beads business laborious, painstaking.

But as a result of a small set of available tools, you can make yourself beautiful decorative and gift items, such as flowers and trees.

You will need

  • Beads of different shapes and colors, Nylon thread, fishing line or copper wire, tape or floral tape, nail varnish, cutting the thread or wire scissors, pliers.



Make Beaded blooming sakura, or JapaneseRussian willow, let down your long branches. First, trailing branches of the tree of beads and copper wire. Depending on the color of the leaves or flowers on a tree, take a beaded shade. Beads can be mixed with each other in color to achieve an interesting effect.


On a piece of wire beads be mounted. Through the flat areas on the wire loops are made, for example, every half a centimeter or centimeter. It ends at the wire remains free, so it can be after the tie to a tree trunk. You can connect the wire at both ends, then get a different kind of branches.


Take a few pieces of the future brancheswood, the same as they did the first - 50 pieces or more. Billets are twisted together for 8-9 branches each. Then, of all the pieces necessary to twist three large. In the end, one volume barrel screwed other finer branches of the tree. The trunk is ligated ribbon for flower arranging or tape.


Methods strengthen the base of trees can bedifferent. You can pour plaster into the tank solution and insert the finished tree. Or use the clay mass of river pebbles and sand, to which is also attached to the tree trunk. Can the free ends of the wire from the trunk of the tree wrap one large flat rock. He will be his base and pedestal. If it is difficult to bend the wire at various stages of the work, help yourself with pliers. The trunk of trees can be covered with lacquer, oil paint.


By the same token made of flowersbeads, and for each type of flower there is a scheme pushed on beads on a thread or wire. To make small chrysanthemum, take the white beads for flower petals, orange or yellow to the core and a little black beads to decorate the center of the flower.


On one long skewer for each wireflower white beads. Make a loop in the wire to separate each white petal. Separately plant on shorter lengths of wire one black bead and the other orange. Fold the wire with white beads bud by wrapping it around the wire with orange beads so as to obtain a flower. Attach the resulting bud on the stem of a long twisted wire. Such colors have to do more to collect a bouquet.


Stems Flower formed from twistedwire that is wrapped with tape, with colored paper or foil and covered with varnish. Ready Flowers of beads placed in baskets of earth, gravel, sand, put them in a vase, colorful bottles, creating one of ikebana, wall panels.

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