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How to make a homepage


Set homepage as homepage</a>

When a person uses the Internet very often, he begins to allocate for himself some interesting addresses, visiting them much more often than others.

Are there ways to simplify access to one of these sites?

Of course, yes, and today we'll figure out how to make the page start in different browsers.



Each person has his own reasons for doing this or thatA different start page. For example, some want to check mail, others read a forum, the third one needs frequent access to video recordings, etc. There is only one thing that unites all these people - the need to make the page a starting page. And although the basic principle is the same, the interfaces of browsers are different, so consider each case separately.


In the most popular Google Chrome browserThe page can be made as follows. On the top right, select the menu icon, then in the "Settings" drop-down list. Find the "Start Group" item, select "Next Pages" and click the "Add" button. Enter the required address and click the "OK" button to save the settings. Now after each launch, your page will open.


In standard Internet Explorer, search on the rightAt the top of the gear icon, clicking it, you'll see a menu. Select and click "Browser properties". We are interested in the "Home Page", enter your address in the appropriate form. Check the item "Startup", there should be selected "Start from home page". For changes to take effect, do not forget to click the "OK" button. Now your address is set as the start page.


In Opera, the start page is as followsWay. On the top left, click the Opera menu icon. Then select "Settings". Next, point to the "Browser", just find "When you start" on the right, select "Open a certain page or several pages". Click the Set Page button. Enter the address of your page in the window or several. By clicking "OK" and restarting the browser, you will see your address as the start page.


In the Mozilla Firefox browser, at the top left, selectMenu item as a Firefox icon. Next, "Settings." Then "Basic" and in the "Home" window enter your address. Pay attention to the drop-down list "When you start Firefox". If you want the start page to always start, select the "Show home page" option.


In Safari, open the "Edit" menu, then "Settings". Choose a bookmark with the name "Basic". Mark the "Home page" in the item "Open new windows" and enter the required address.

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