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How to make a start page

Make this your home page

When a person uses the Internet very often, it starts to produce for yourself some interesting addresses at their much more frequently than others.

Are there ways to simplify access to one of these sites?

Certainly yes, and today we will investigate how to make a start page in different browsers.



Each person has their own reasons to do this ordifferent start page. For example, some want to check your mail, others read any forum, the third requires frequent access to videos, etc. Combines all of these people, only one - the need to make this your home page. Although the basic principle is the same, the browser interfaces are different, so look at each case separately.


The most popular browser Google ChromePage can be made starting in the following way. At the top right, select the menu icon, then in the "Settings" drop-down list. Look for the item "startup", click "next page" and click "Add" button. Enter the address you want, and then click "OK" to save the settings. Now, after each run, you will have to open your page.


In the standard Internet Explorer look for the righttop gear icon by clicking it, you will see a menu. Select and click "Internet Options." We are interested in the item "Home", enter in the appropriate form of the address. Check the item "Startup", there has to be selected, "Start with home page." For the changes to take effect, do not forget to click "OK". Now your address is set as the start page.


In Opera home page is as followsmanner. At the top left, click on the «Opera» menu. Then, select "Settings". Next, select "Browser", slightly to the right look for "When you start", select "Open a specific page or a few pages." Click "Set pages". Enter the address in the window of your page or more. By clicking "OK" and restart the browser, you will see as the start page address.


The Mozilla Firefox browser, click on the top leftmenu item in the form of «Firefox» icon. Then "Settings". Then the "Main" and in the window "Home page" register your address. Note the drop-down list "When you start Firefox». If you want to always start the home page, select "Show my home page."


In Safari, click the "Edit" menu, then "Settings". Select the tab titled "Basic". Select "Home" in "New windows open with" and enter the desired address.

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