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How to make thin hair thick


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Many women want to be beautiful and attractive. Someone by nature is given thick, silky hair, attracting looks.

Others have to resort to various tricks to give their hair visibility of volume.

Why this happens is difficult to answer, but you can give advice that will help to correct the situation.

Structure of hair

If nature has not awarded you a fine head of hair, do not be discouraged, it is better to try to fix it.

Such a characteristic as the thickness of the hair, thisHereditary parameter, like color, and the number of hair bulbs on the head. If a thin hair can increase the diameter, then the number of bulbs can no longer be done. However, some resort to hair extensions. Indeed, after this procedure your hair will become thick. It is that additional strands will be attached to your head in a special way. But every fourth month you have to adjust the accrued curls. If you decide on such a procedure, then first find out by what method it is done in this or that salon. Different types of building will differently affect your health. Choose more sparing.

Means for hair care

Hair health is the guarantee of their beauty.

Most modern shampoos, balms andAir conditioners will not help solve the problem of thin, rare hair. They are able to provide only the visibility of the volume for a short period of time. As well as a wave or color of hair. You may find it strange, but the paint does make the hair visually more lush.
Very useful for hair scalp massage. It will improve blood circulation and metabolism, help get rid of old cells. With regular procedures, your curls will become healthy and noticeably more dense. Often during the massage, various nutrients are used, especially cedar and burdock. You can even combine them. It happens that after the massage awaken inactive before the bulbs, which will naturally increase the amount of hair and make them dense.
To saturate hair with vitamins, useDifferent masks. Today there are various means. Pay attention to those that contain moisturizing proteins. They will give hair the desired volume, without making it harder for the hair, and will also help restore the structure of the damaged hair. If you do not have enough money, you can turn to people's councils. Many of these formulations contain herbs and food: kefir, egg yolk, bread, beer, honey, decoctions of leaves of nettle, birch or root thistles. Such methods also help to saturate hair with vitamins, make them healthy and silky. But be careful with the advice on the use of vinegar solution, tk. It can damage: cause irritation to the scalp or even burn the hair.
It is important to think about proper nutrition. To grow and strengthen the curls, you need to get the necessary micronutrients into the body. It is very useful to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as meat, liver and fish. These products contain iron and protein, necessary for the proper operation of hair follicles.

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