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How to make thin hair thick

Thick hair

Many women want to be beautiful and attractive. Some people by nature are thick, silky hair, eye-catching.

Others will have to resort to various tricks to give your hair volume visibility.

Why is it difficult to answer, but you can give advice to help correct the situation.

hair Structure

If nature is not awarded you a beautiful head of hair, no need to lose heart, it is better to try to fix it.

This characteristic, the thickness of the hair, itHereditary parameter, like the color, and the number of hair follicles on the head. If you have fine hair, you can increase the diameter, the number of bulbs can not do more. However, some have resorted to hair extensions. In fact, your hair after this procedure becomes thick. It consists in the fact that on your head will attach a special way additional locks. But every fourth month you'll have to adjust the accrued curls. If you decide on such a procedure, you must first find out by what method it is made in a particular compartment. Different types of building will be different impact on your health. Choose a more forgiving.

hair care products

Healthy hair - a pledge of beauty.

Most modern shampoos, conditioners andair conditioning will not help solve the problem of fine, thin hair. They are able to provide only the appearance of the volume for a short time. As perm or coloring hair. You may seem strange, but the paint really makes the hair more visually lush.
Very useful for hair scalp massage. It improves blood circulation and metabolism, help get rid of the old cells. With regular procedures your tresses healthy and become noticeably thicker. Often during the massage apply various nourishing oils, particularly cedar is considered useful and burdock. You can even combine them. It sometimes happens that after a massage wake inactive before the bulbs, which naturally increases the number of hairs and make them bushy.
To saturate the hair with vitamins, useda variety of masks. Today, there are a variety of means. Note those proteins which contain moisturizers. They give the hair the desired volume without weighing hair at the same time, and will help to restore the structure of damaged hair. If you do not have enough money, you can turn to the National Council. Many of such formulations contain herbs and foods: yogurt, egg yolk, bread, beer, honey, decoction of nettle leaves, birch and burdock root. Such techniques also can help saturate your hair with vitamins, making them healthy and silky. But be careful with tips about using acetic solution, because He can hurt: cause scalp irritation or even burn the hair.
It is also important to think about proper nutrition. For the growth and strengthening of locks needed to the body receives the necessary micronutrients. It is very useful to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meat, liver and fish. These foods contain iron and protein required for the proper operation of the hair follicles.

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