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How to make the world better and kinder

How to make the world better and kinder

Everyone in his life at least onceI thought about how to change the world, to improve life. Every thought about the wrongness of something in their own country, the injustice, the cruelty of life, of its greyness and more.

We all cry, you need to change something.

But if we do something for this?

We all shout, how poorly we live.

But whether this goes beyond the topic of conversation?

It becomes whether this topic is the action ?!

It is necessary to understand why so many in my lifeCruelty and injustice, why people sometimes get so vengeful. Here the principle as in war. When one state attacking the army, it is, of course, take up arms and stands on his defense. After all, right? Rarely in such cases someone immediately surrenders. The war still will. So are the people. They had the kind of stereotypes. And this military practice became habit, commonplace. Buddha said, "Do not respond to evil with evil, or evil will never end. In response to the insult kiss his enemy, and it will be much harder. "

As long as we respond to evil with evil,the world is evil. Until then, as we say, how bad the world, it will be bad. As long as we do not take and do not do anything, the world will remain the way it is.

Do you know the principle of the boomerang? When you run it, he flew a circle, back to you. You did evil in the beginning of the day, at the end - it will come back to you again. At the same time, this evil will cover a few more people. Like dominoes: will push one after the other to fall.

When you do evil, it flies a circle and comes back to you. And so on without end .. Can also try to do good, eh?

Example elementary. Leave you in the morning from home, and then you accidentally pouring water from a puddle cyclist. What usually makes the average citizen of the world? Screaming at the rider. And you try to smile and laugh this situation! Say, "Oh, always wanted to come to work with such a spot! ahaha .. But do not worry, young man! all fixable. " It is poor cyclist in such a positive response to be very confused. And then he wants to do good. He will go down the street and see, for example, helpless granny and help her bring the groceries home. And she, in turn, the mood for the whole day will rise!

There is only one single methodto make the world better and kinder - not to respond to evil with evil. Learn to see the positive side in everything, no matter what happens to you! Doing this exercise every day. It's simple!

"... If you want to change the world, start with the town ifYou want to change the city, start with the street, if you want to change the street, start with the house, if you want to change the house, change the family, if you want to change a family, start with yourself! "And then, if each change ourselves, we change the world together. And this little action on the part of each will grow into a huge ball and roll all over the world. I start…

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