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How to make sure that the voice was gone

How to make sure that the voice was gone

Voice forms the vocal cords. Their status depends on his strength, and when they can be damaged and loss of voice.

What can adversely affect him, causing temporary loss?

How to do it, tell this instruction.



Inadvertently eat cold foods such as ice cream or soft drinks. Naeshtes snow or break off an icicle and nibble it.


Supercool myself staying a long time in the cold, under theair conditioning or are located in a draft. Then you get sick laryngitis, tonsillitis (angina), and perhaps even tracheitis. Particularly strong influence on the vocal cords it has laryngitis, causing their dysfunction due extensive inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx.
However, it is very risky and fraught with complications for the body, as a voice can be lost forever.

How to make sure that the voice was gone


Talk long hours without a break - three orfour o'clock. This could be during a lecture you read. You do not pay attention to dry and sore throat, do not let yourself rest, to soften the throat a couple of sips of water.


Most nervous and upset, being instress. It also inhibits the vocal cords. At every opportunity not refuse to participate in a loud dispute or even arrange a scandal. Very annoying voice, speak very loudly, break on a scream.


Excessively long practice loud singing, and then go out in the cold, still and there overstrain the vocal cords.


Often drink carbonated water and drinks. Eat too hot, spicy food.


Most breathing dusty, gassy air,moreover not work out a breath nose, and a mouth. And if you smoke, it is even more closer to the cherished goal you lose your voice, because the smoke and dust dries up and coarsens the tissue of the vocal cords.


Some people receiving strong alcohol can cause significant deterioration of voices - until the complete disappearance. Especially if this is compounded by something of what has been listed above.


If you'll use the product for which youpreviously been cases of allergic reaction, it is possible anaphylactic shock. There will extensive edema of the larynx and trachea soft tissue. It may be so that you can carry almost no breathing, and only prompt medical attention will get you out of this dangerous condition.

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