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Example of balcony visor

Before many of us, sooner or later there is a problem, how to make a canopy on the balcony. This is not surprising, because without the visor balconies not protected from water flowing down from the top.

This problem is especially urgent for those who live on the upper floors.

You will need

  • the material of which is made canopy, drill, screws, sealants, drawing prinadlzhenosti



First of all it is necessary to determine the material of which will be made visor. Keep in mind that it should bewater resistant and sturdy enough to withstand a layer of snow in the winter. Note that it is not recommended to choose a brittle material, as icicles it can break or crumble. The visor can be made of steel framing and flooring made of profiled sheet iron, reinforced glass or translucent fiberglass. Material can choose, as long as he had the properties such as strength, moisture resistance, strength and durability.


Once the material is selected, you need to decide which type will be made visor. If the balcony noncontiguous, it is best to protect him in a circle, that is, not only the front and on the sides. This will allow the best possible way to protect your private balcony from moisture and icicles.


Having defined the material and the type of hood, it is necessary to make measurements, to make himself visor. If measurements must be taken into account that, perhaps,material will need to reserve. It is better to be guided by the adage "Measure twice - cut once" and carefully measure all. This will save you from the risk of spoil material.


After predudyschih steps we can safely proceed directly to izgotoveniyu of the visor. It is best to prepare the drawing, in which he will do visorBut this does neobzatelno, if you are confident in their abilities.

drawing Example


When visor ready, to prepare the surface and placeswhere it will be attached. This should be given considerable attention. The surface should be smooth and clean. It is worth mentioning that the installation of the visor is best done in dry weather, to between it and the surface had no moisture. Attach need so that between the peak and the surface there are no gaps, in which there could be moisture, otherwise the whole point of the design is lost. Therefore, you should treat the seam sealed material.

Installation of the visor on the top floor balcony

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