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How to make a visor on the balcony


Example of a balcony visor</a>

Before many of us, sooner or later, the problem arises, how to make a visor on the balcony. This is not surprising, because without a visor the balcony is not protected from the water running down from above.

Especially this problem is relevant for those who live on the last floors.

You will need

  • Material from which the visor will be made, drill, screws, sealant, drawing accessories



First of all, it is necessary to determine the material from which the visor. It should be borne in mind that it must beMoisture resistant and strong enough to withstand a layer of snow in winter. It should be noted that it is highly discouraged to choose fragile material, since icicles can break or crumble. The visor can be made from a steel frame and flooring from profiled sheets of iron, from reinforced glass or semi-transparent fiberglass. The material can be chosen any, most importantly, that it has such properties as strength, moisture resistance, strength and durability.


After the material is selected, it is necessary to decide what type will be produced visor. If the balcony is not contiguous, the best way is to protect it in a circle, that is, not only from the front, but also along the sides. This will allow you to protect your balcony as much as possible from the effects of moisture and icicles.


After determining the material and the type of visor, you need to make measurements to make yourself visor. When measuring, it should be borne in mind that,The material will be needed with a margin. It is better to follow the proverb "Measure seven times - cut once" and carefully measure everything. This will save you the risk of spoiling the material.


After doing the foregoing steps, you can safely proceed directly to the production of the visor itself. It is best to prepare a drawing, which you will do yourself visor, But this is not necessary if you are confident in your abilities.

Sample Drawing


When visor Ready, you need to prepare the surface and place,Where it will be attached. This should be given considerable attention. The surface should be smooth and clean. It is worth mentioning that the installation of the visor is best done in dry weather, so that there is no moisture between it and the surface. To fasten it is necessary so that between a peak and a surface there were no backlashes in which moisture could get, otherwise the whole sense of design is lost. Therefore, the seam should be treated with a sealed material.

Mounting the visor on the balcony of the last floor

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