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HOW to make ventilated garage

How to make the ventilation in the garage

Each room requires air circulation, natural or forced, it does not matter.

To do this, and there is ventilation. Motorists no exception - in the garage is also necessary ventilation.

To create ventilation provide fresh air from outside and outflow of "waste" of air from the garage to the street.

You will need

  • The grille, metal and asbestos cement pipes.



Make a hole for the inflow of fresh air. Its format and size depend on the imagination and preferences of the motorist. It can be multiple openings at the gate of your garage, or the only, but a large hole in the wall next to the gate. Make a hole can be knocking bricks and setting the grill.


Pick diameter. If going to use pipe section for air flow, the diameter will be about 110-210 mm or a square with sides of 11-21 cm, respectively. The optimal size of the hole should correspond to 15 mm per 1 sq. meter garage area.


Make a hole for drawing on the diagonalthe opposite side of the garage. Often this hole made in the ceiling of the garage, it appears asbestos or metal pipe, which rises to 50-90 cm above the roof of the garage and 10-20 cm penetrates it. You can do without the pipe, restrict a hole with the lattice near the ceiling, but the use of the pipe will be much more effective.


Protect pipe from moisture, dust, dust,mud. For this purpose it is necessary to build on the visor or buy ready-made. To reduce condensation in the exhaust pipe insulation wrap it. To the ventilation can be adjusted on the exhaust and supply air pipes are made special valve. During the warmer months they can be opened completely, and in the winter - is only partly to limit the inflow of cold air.

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