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How to make the suspended ceiling

How to make a suspended ceiling

Stretch ceiling - the painting of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a tissue, which is fixed in the profile.

Fabric painting is based on polyester.

Despite the fact that the structure seems to be simple, the installation of a stretch ceiling has some of the subtleties and complexities.

There are two basic types of tension coating:

- Coating of the fabric is suitable for the installation of stretch ceiling cam means. The material is polystyrene for him

- PVC - cover made from PVC. Attach it can harpoon, shtapikovym or wedge method. The most reliable of these is the harpoon method, but at the same time it is the most difficult. When attaching the ceiling to his canvas using a special machine welded hooks. After that, the hooks for mesh profile and produce a stretching of the web. Note that in this case blade size should be less than 7% for the desired size desired tension.

Advantages of a tension ceiling structure

Stretch ceilings are a number of advantages.

- With their help, the ceiling becomes the ideal rovnym-
- Installation of the ceiling - not labor zanyatie-
- The life of a stretch ceiling the assurances of manufacturers is 10 years-
- French stretch ceiling is different functionality.

Advantages of a stretch ceiling are obvious. It is their appeal, the ability to select any color and texture, easy care and durability. In addition, they will be able to protect the room from leaking from the upper floors. If the situation arises, the fashion today suspended ceiling just stretch under the weight of water. In this case, you must detach the web from the nearest water bubble attachment and carefully drain the water into a container. The web then must dry and it can be fasten.

Mounting tension ceilings

For a perfect web tension area mustIt is well warmed up. Do it best with a heat gun. The temperature in the room where operations must be at least 40 degrees.

Installation of stretch ceiling is a simple process, and if you wish, you can cope on their own, but the assistant is still required.

Installation of the web is carried out in the following sequence:

- All work is carried out with clean hands, itAs for the material, and unpacking. When the material is unpacked, you can begin to consolidate the first (base) angle. The cloth must be pre-warmed thermal pushkoy-
- Then you need to fasten the opposite corner of the base. Their attachment comes to special terminals - "crocodiles", which have been treated with a soft material to avoid damage to the web.
- Thereafter, to fix the remaining corners and to heat further the ceiling temperature.

We must remember that each canvas must be accompanied by detailed instructions on mounting tension ceiling. It should be specified basic angle.

- Continuing to heat the web, from one angleyou need to remove the clip. Using corner blades which is in the recess envelope web, it is inserted into the molding. When there is a clue the next part, the previous need to hold that it is not rushed. Hold until needed until they are fastened at least two locks with two supporters
- Installation of the remaining runs analogously, but we must remember that the closer to the completion of work, the harder it is to strengthen the corners. For this reason, the installation requires pomoschnik-
- After mounting angles are fixed straightareas through direct blades. Portion having sutures attached to two or three lock. Further, the gap between them is halved and also fixed several locks. Fixing the remaining areas continues in the same sposobom-

During operation, you need to check that the fabric had wrinkles, tightens evenly and firmly pressed to the baguette.

- In the case where the appeared wrinkles portionto heat the heat gun and smoothed his hand in a circular motion. Scan quality work is necessary before the room cooled down and natyanetsya- film
- Complete the installation of stretch ceiling installationfixtures. They are fixed on special racks before starting work, and then the tension cloth is cut in places of installation of lighting sources.

The same method is made installation of suspended ceilings made of PVC. The only difference is that there is no need to perform heating and soldering web.

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