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How to make the oven

How to make the oven

The main element in any bath? this stove.

From it to a large extent will depend on whether the steam room will give the desired effect.

If you decide to build a sauna yourself, then why not make the stove for a bath?

It does not require large financial costs.

You will need

  • Metal barrel tank for chimney pipe, rods, tubes for filling, tin sheet, bricks, sand, clay, welding machine.



Cut out the bottom of the barrel in the hole for the exit of ashesof about 45h25 see. ash will wake up through it. Weld metal bars on the hole so. To obtain the distance between the grating bars of approximately 6 mm.

How to make the oven


Prepare a mixture of clay and sand in the ratio1: 1, so that it resembled the consistency of the dough. Apply this solution the upper edge of the barrel. Replace the water tank it. So he stood firmly on the edges of the barrel should remain lip about 1 cm. Seam seal the barrel and tank with a solution of clay and sand.

How to make the oven


Slightly below the tank weld pipe for water. This will be a chimney. The stove body (barrel), too few weld pipes. Fill them with small stones. Then there will be generated carbon monoxide and steam to be easy. The oven set on the foundation of a sheet of tin furnace wall overlaid with refractory bricks.

How to make the oven

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