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How do you stop signals

Life is full of road userssurprises especially while traveling in the car. Even with very careful driver, comply with all the requirements of "Rules of the road", it may be a nuisance in the way.

For example, some absent-minded colleague fails to stop in time and break the rear light standing in front of the machine.

You will need

  • - Spanner 10 mm.



The lack of light signaling the rear lights when the machine is not working and the direction indicators stoplightsCreate driver stress condition during the uncomfortable control defective car.


Hence the desire of the automobile owner as soon as possible to repair the rear lights of the machine is fully justified.
But before purchasing at retail new set of faulty lights must be removed from the rear of the vehicle body and make them Troubleshooting.


To achieve this task in the machineopens the luggage compartment and inside the rear panel unscrewed two nuts made of plastic and reinforcement rear fonarya.Posle which the cover gently, without applying excessive force, detached block with electric cables. Since the bus is connected to the circuit board, rather thin and easily breaks by careless handling of the repaired equipment.


At this stage, squeezed latch, anddismantled the circuit board on which are placed cartridges for light-signaling lamps. After careful study wirings for detecting a break in them, a decision on further use or replacement (in case of defects) of the circuit board rear light.


To remove from the body of the glass reflector,unscrew wrench 10mm four screws that secure the lamp inside luggage otseka.Dlya replacement lamps dismantled, their parts are purchased in the auto shop both individually and in the assembly. And it makes no sense to spend money on unnecessary obviously faulty spare part.

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