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How to make stop signals


How to make stop signals</a>

The life of road users is fullSurprises especially during the movement in the car. Even with the extremely accurate driver, who observes all the requirements of the "Traffic Rules", there can be trouble on the way.

For example, some absent colleague will not be able to stop in time and break the tail lamp in front of the standing car.

You will need

  • - a 10 mm spanner.



Absence of light signaling of rear lights, when the car does not work indicators of turns and Brake lights, Create a stressful state for the driver during discomfort management of a faulty car.


Consequently, the desire of the car owner to repair the tail lights of the car as soon as possible is fully justified.
But before purchasing a new set in the retail network, the faulty lamps must be dismantled from the rear panel of the car and carry out their defect.


To achieve the task in the carThe luggage compartment opens and the inside on the back panel unscrews two nuts made of plastic and fastening the protective cover of the tail lamp. After that, carefully, without exerting excessive force, the shoe with electrical wires is disconnected. Since the bus connected to the circuit board is rather thin and easily cut off due to careless handling of the equipment being repaired.


At this stage, the latches are released, andThe circuit board on which the bulbs for light bulbs are placed is dismantled. After careful examination of the conductive tracks, for the detection of a rupture in them, a decision is made whether to continue to use or replace (in case of defects) the tailgate circuit board.


To remove the glass from the body with a reflector,It is necessary to unscrew the four nuts securing the lantern from inside the luggage compartment with a 10 mm key. To replace the dismantled lanterns, their parts are purchased in the autoshop either individually or in collection. And it makes no sense to spend money on an extra obviously faulty spare part.

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