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How to make the scope of

the scope of the paper

The scope can be made of paper. This sphere is suitable for Christmas decorations.

However, to make this scope, the paper will not do.

Let's try to make it out of the thread ....

You will need

  • Paper, thread, glue bead.



Option 1.
It is necessary to cut sixteen identical circles. Then bend portions thereof, as shown in dotted line in the upper part of the drawing. Then folded portions to be bonded together. In any place where the triangles are connected, it is necessary to tie a thread (if the scope is planned somewhere to hang).

Such scope is good to use as the original Christmas tree decorations, especially if you make them out of the velvet paper.

Instead of circles you can use pentagons. Such spheres are even more interesting, particularly small toys.


Option 2.
To make such a sphere does not even needglue. Suffice it to cut from the three rounds of thick paper and mark them as shown in the lower part of the drawing. The third circle is folded in half and inserted into the hole in the second round.

Then you need to expand the folded sheet andcombine it on the second and third circles. The sheet is then folded in the middle, and the first round of the edges are folded and inserted into the center of the hole of the second and third circles.

After that, all the circles unfold.


Option 3.
Of course, the above embodiments, although easy to manufacture, are not areas in the strict sense of the word. If need a real sphere, it can be made from threads.

For manufacturing? Textile? the scope will need scissors, round balloon, spools of thread, PVA glue and plastic ware.

The plastic pot is filled with glue and waterratio of about three to one and thoroughly mixed. Then the inflated balloon. Threads are unwound and placed in a bowl with diluted glue, which are kept for five minutes. Once a thread soaked with diluted glue bead carefully wrapped them. It is necessary to make sure that the layer of thread was uniform and left gaps. One day the scope is ready. It is enough to remove the bulb, previously pierced him with a needle.

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