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How to make a sphere


Spheres of paper</a>

The sphere can be made of paper. Such a sphere is suitable for a Christmas tree toy.

However, to make a real sphere, paper is not good.

Let's try to make it out of ... thread.

You will need

  • Paper, thread, glue, ball.



Option 1.
Sixteen identical circles must be cut. Then bend their parts, as shown in the dotted line on the top of the drawing. After that it is necessary to glue the bent parts together. In any place where the triangles are connected, you need to tie the thread (if the sphere is planned to hang somewhere).

Such spheres are good to use as original Christmas-tree toys, especially if they are made of velvet paper.

Instead of circles, you can use pentagons. Such spheres look even more interesting, especially toys of small size.


Option 2.
To make such a sphere it will not be necessary evenglue. It is enough to cut out three circles from thick paper and mark them as shown on the bottom of the drawing. The third circle is bent in half and inserted into the hole in the second circle.

After that, you need to deploy the folded sheet andTo combine on it the second and third circles. Then the sheet bends in the middle, and the edges of the first circle are bent and the second and third circles are inserted into the center of the formed hole.

After that, all the circles unfold.


Option 3.
Of course, the above options, although simple to manufacture, are not spheres in the strict sense of the word. If you need a real sphere, then it can be made from threads.

For manufacturing? Thread? Spheres will need scissors, a round air ball, a thread reel, PVA glue and plastic utensils.

In a plastic vessel, glue and water are poured in.Proportions of about three to one and carefully mixed. Then the balloon is inflated. Threads are unwound and put in a bowl with diluted glue, where they are kept for five minutes. After the thread is impregnated with diluted glue, the ball is carefully wrapped around them. In this case, it is necessary to make sure that the thread layer is uniform and there are no gaps left. A day later the sphere is ready. It is enough to extract the ball, having previously pierced it with a needle.

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