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How to make the scheme for knitting

How to make the scheme for knitting

The ability to knit - a creative and useful occupation.

Knitted thing always attracts the eye. At the core of each product is a diagram that describes the figure and the work itself.

Now you can find many ready-made knitting patterns in books, magazines, on the Internet.

But much more interesting to create a unique pattern.

You will need

  • sheet in a cage or graph paper, a pencil, an eraser, yarn, knitting tools.



Take the basis of any desired patternor one of your own. Then begin to draw it on a piece of tetrad in the box, and even better if it is graph paper. Thanks to the cells more accurately you can move or enlarge the image, if necessary. One cell will designate one loop. Later on a flowchart you easily keep track of a pattern during knitting. Enter symbols loops (the legend of the circuit), immediately indicating the decoding of these icons. Then you do not have to remember, that means a particular character, and you do not get confused.


Next, draw your desired mesh size, number the rows and columns. If you want to specify the purl rows in the diagram, the numerals denote them left of it in the case of knitting forward and backward and right rows of circuits for circular knitting. Then mark the boundaries of rapport that is repeated in a series of loops. Typically, this is done using brackets or asterisks, which are placed at the beginning and end of repeating elements.


In the case where the pattern number in yourloops varies from row to row, then leave empty cells in the picture, or paint in a dark color, and then they will pass at the knitting. But do not forget to include it in the legend. Such cells will help you align the scheme and make it more visual and intuitive

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